[London] The Arctic Circle - Introduction and Forthcoming Events


Out 7 2007, 18h58

I've been meaning to write about The Arctic Circle for a while and introduce them to you.

I'll start at the beginning. You may have seen me listening to my Chiller Cabinet tag radio, which is as close as I can get to the real thing - a show that started out five years ago on Classic FM (now moved to Chill DAB).

Join the group.

Earlier this year, the producer of the show, DJ Ben Eshmade, started up a new project - The Arctic Circle - http://www.jointhecircle.net - which is a music collective. In their newsletter, they describe themselves as "a community of musicians, composers, artists and video jockeys showcasing this country's legendary, current and future musical talents."

Run on pure love and fresh air, (i.e. no money), The Arctic Circle quickly became a must for the London cognoscenti. Artists on the roster include: Roger Eno (Brian Eno's brother), Rothko, Isan, Max Richter and The Shortwave Set, to name but a few. It hasn't taken long for The Arctic Circle to establish a good reputation and win over the critics, to the point where their events are critics' choices.

The events: the next one - this Friday on 12 October - is at The Whitechapel Gallery. Performing will be Matinee Orchestra, Dollboy and Sons of Noel and Adrian, all on Arable Records.

Friday 12 October 2007 at Whitechapel Gallery

Dollboy - Jungfrau


The Arctic Circle Christmas Concert will be held at the Union Chapel on 5 December, featuring: North Sea Radio Orchestra, Ellis Island Sound with very special guests Mara Carlyle & David Julyan and introducing The Dollboy Windpipe Arkestra. Hosted by Jonny Trunk.

Mara Carlyle - Baby Bloodheart

Keep an eye out in the audience, you might see me! ; )

Listen to the radio: The Arctic Circle
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  • Pixieguts

    Thanks for the tip, Babs. Been checking it all out online and looks really interesting.

    Out 8 2007, 13h46
  • Babs_05

    Thanks for the post, Pixieguts. Have you tried the radio? What did you think?

    Out 10 2007, 1h53
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