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Set 16 2006, 22h41

No need to comment. Continuing my central repository for artists and tracks I want to get. Recommendations welcome. :)

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Transit - (with David Sylvian!)

lyrics - Jarvis Cocker
musical contributions from Divine Comedy's Neil Hannon, Nigerian drummer Tony Allen, and Beck's father, string arranger David Campbell.
"noirish sound devices, giving off a strong air of illicitness"
- excellent album

Espers psychedelic folk. v. nice.

King Biscuit Time

Fires In Distant Buildings

Flashlight Seasons

Oh No! Oh My! - indie pop / post pop. Nice sound.

Beck - The Information

Various Artists - Beat The Retreat: Songs by Richard Thompson (first released 1994)
"best tribute album ever".

Bob Dylan - Modern Times (???) investigate first

Sparklehorse - Dreamt for Light Years in the Belly of a Mountain
thrashy fuzz-rock. Beatles-esque. very nice. no headache. music to fall asleep to.
Tracks: Don't Take My Sunshine Away; Some Sweet Day; Knives of Summertime

Martin Carthy And Dave Swarbrick - Straws in the Wind
new recordings. 12 traditional songs, 2 new tunes

Paul Burch - East to West
proper country
Track: John Peel

Brightblack Morning Light - Brightblack Morning Light
Hippies. Psych-folk.
Track: Everybody Daylight - (not annoying, music to fall asleep to)

The Killers - Sam's Town (4/5 - really??) investigate
Tracks: Bling (Confession Of A King); Why Do I Keep Counting; Bones; Read My Mind; When You Were Young.
2 or 3 mis-hits.

Simple Kid - Simple Kid 2 (5/5 not surprised!) Get!

The Nightingales - Out of True
oldie re-released.
Track: Born Again in Birmingham

Just Jack - Writer's Block (investigate)

Juliette And The Licks - Four on the Floor
Juliette Lewis's band, featuring Dave Grohl
sharp, lots of hooks, pop meets rock like QOTSA

Kathryn Williams - Leave to Remain
soft-focus, haunting

Jolie Holland - investigate. alt-country

Sting - Songs from the Labyrinth
elizabethan madrigals, lute

Annabelle Carter - Surfacing
ambient drones and drowsy break beats. trip-hop.

Curve. Get everything.

Candie Payne
melancholy airy voice, sting-in-the-tail lyrics, 1960s Gallic pop-indebted songs (all sitar, tambourines, strings and organ). Single, All I Need To Hear, released in July. Single, Take Me, out tomorrow, 16/10. (vinyl only on Amazon)

from ljbates - Hanne Hukkelberg, 100% cast iron, money back guarantee recommendation.
from agent orange - emilie simon, anna ternheim. lovely voices both

Current 93 - experiemental folk, darkwave, goth

African Head Charge - dub

from ljbates - 3 Hur-El link

from ljbates - Sybille Baier - Colour Green
few tracks here - beautiful
Colour Green album on Amazon

The Last Town Chorus - Wire Waltz 4/5 Sunday Times
Megan Hickey - vocals recall Hope Sandoval, Elizabeth Fraser, Beth Orton and Gillian Welch.
Understatement, ambivalent, nostalgia and pointed allusion.
Breathy and ethereal, but far from fey. Dark stuff beneath the surfaces.
Tracks: Foreign Land, Boat, You, title track very sparse, funereal deconstruction of Bowie's Modern Love devastating.

The Hours
myspace the hours

Durutti Column - Keep Breathing (album) sshh

Nine Horses - Money For All (album out Jan 22 2007)

Muggs - Dust (album)

Papa M

JYNXT rock, electronica, drum n bass

Joe Hisaishi - composer for all Studio Ghibli scores

Kevin Gavin - Moon River

Curve - Pubic Fruit (album, 1992)

Air - Pocket Symphony Runs (album, due March 2007)

Huvafen Fushi Maldives - Ravin (Buddha-Bar fella) due soon? (2007)

Corrina Repp

Starless & Bible Black
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