Don't install new version of iTunes, version 7 with Windows


Set 13 2006, 13h53

MAJOR problems with this release.

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I am so unhappy. There is distortion, skipping, songs get stuck. It is very unstable. You cannot do anything else if you want to listen to your music. It sounds absolutely horrible.

The worst thing is, once installed, you cannot uninstall it and put your previous version back.

If anyone has found a good workaround, I would love to know what you did. Please reply here or PM me.

:' (

edit 17 Sept: instructions on how to downgrade back to iTunes version 6.0.5 at end of thread.


  • Babs_05

    lol!! awww, thanks. :' ) Someone seems to have found a complicated workaround at the bottom of that thread. I'm going to try it later tonight.

    Set 13 2006, 14h22
  • Ramez05

    a new version with fixes will come out soon if there are any serious bugs. so far i havent experienced any problems.

    Set 13 2006, 16h11
  • peterhyperman

    iTunes is not built for Windows. It keeps fucking up our computers. Keep away!

    Set 13 2006, 16h35
  • Ramez05

    but itunes is so pretty though.

    Set 13 2006, 18h10
  • Chamberk

    It hasn't screwed up on me yet. I'll be wary, though, and keep an eye on this post.

    Set 13 2006, 20h29
  • Dylanis

    Too late, but it's fine for far

    Set 13 2006, 20h40
  • Babs_05

    Nothing in the apple support thread has worked. That thread, incidentally, has 6,354 views already, and 121 replies. My brother has a mac and is not affected, so it seems it is just a windows issue.

    Set 13 2006, 21h37
  • RuffRidr

    I've read that the new iTunes also makes it so Yamipod no longer works. No install for me.

    Set 13 2006, 21h45
  • notginger

    Thank you for the warning. I'll be playing it safe and sticking with my old version.

    Set 13 2006, 23h28
  • JonathanC06

    I like the new version. Its oh so wondeful and shiny...

    Set 13 2006, 23h45
  • Babs_05

    I'm about to try and download Version 6 again, see if that works...

    Set 13 2006, 23h53
  • good_dancer

    New version worked fine for me on my PC at work until I tried to play tracks from my iPod which skipped like crazy. My Mac at home isn't connected to the web (well it is, but over a mobile phone at 9600bps!) so haven't tried to update that yet

    Set 14 2006, 1h03
  • Babs_05

    Downloading an older version failed. I've been trying to download the new version again and clicking 'Repair' when I see the pop-up. I have done it repeatedly tonight, to no avail. I will try again tomorrow or something. Fed up now. : / And all because of some fancy pants ideas for downloading movies. click for news item grrr } I

    Set 14 2006, 1h20
  • Eden7c

    Thanks for the advice, I had the exe waiting on my desktop just for that reason, waiting for reports. I'll postpone install and wait for next patched version. ;)

    Set 14 2006, 1h47
  • mzDizam

    Thats why Macs are 100x better than PCs =P

    Set 14 2006, 3h41
  • talking_animal

    Babs, too bad. Guess you're stuck listening to tagradio until the 7.0.1 patch comes out. Confession: I would have installed it myself except I had a crazy busy day today.

    Set 14 2006, 4h01
  • Babs_05

    Vats - how did you get on? talking_animal - aww thanks. : ) On the bright side, I may as well listen to all those group radios etc that I've been meaning to get round to. downtempo group favourites was brilliant. mzDizam - mmmm, as my brother keeps telling me... : /

    Set 14 2006, 13h38
  • Babs_05

    I have set up Windows Media Player and installed plug-in as a workaround until iTunes issue a patch that works. Thanks to KeithJenner for the advice. : ) I will try iTunes every day until it works properly. I will announce here when it does, so everyone knows it's ok to download(!) I am sure there are lots of people looking forward to some of the new features. : )

    Set 14 2006, 21h09
  • murkha

    damn, i'm trying to uninstall this new version, it sucks! memory consumer and doesn't scrobble. hands down!!

    Set 15 2006, 7h52
  • Babs_05

    Thanks, Cowfoot. Trying to keep my chin up. :' ) Over 26,000 views of that thread now. And only 454 of 'iTunes 7 rocks!'. Watch out if you do get it work, someone in another thread on that site said it deletes all downloads not from iTunes. 266 views of that comment. I am a bit confused as to the whereabouts of some on my tracks. I thought it was because I had moved to WMP... Apparently, iTunes are blaming everybody and everything, except themselves. Could Microsoft Zune be the reason they rushed this release? Seems so. news story : Zune Have to say, the video bit did work on the new iTunes 7. But that's about the only thing that did! lol ! Video isn't ready yet on Zune. I'll spare you my sarcastic comments.

    Set 15 2006, 11h56
  • iEatusFetus

    Since installing itunes 7 i cannot scrobble any longer. Sucks badly! Client still recognises that i am playing something only it does not submit my lists to the site any longer. Dammit

    Set 15 2006, 12h25
  • Babs_05

    Today's BBC news story on muted welcome for Zune What a mess.

    Set 15 2006, 12h31
  • Babs_05

    Vats - it does appear to work fine for some. I don't know if that's a lucky few or the majority. I am guessing the former. As I said at the top, it works fine for my brother, but he uses a mac anyway, so you would expect that.

    Set 15 2006, 12h59
  • Babs_05

    Now you know how much I want a record player. I also want a bigger home so I can have lots of shelves for a record collection I have yet to buy.

    Set 15 2006, 14h51
  • Babs_05

    News item : iTunes 7 turning out to have major glitches Not just windows but Mac users are affected too.

    Set 16 2006, 2h21
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