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Fev 22 2010, 13h21

I really think this web site is neat. I just found it a few weeks ago. I love music. I am finding music and artists I have not heard in a long time. This is GREAT!


  • Babe7080

    I know this web site has been out there for awhile but I am glad that I found it now. Love it

    Fev 22 2010, 13h24
  • SkyHits

    Oh sure, I discovered that or this Last.Fm I think some 5 years ago or so. But it's nice and got lot's of good stuff and informations about our idols :)

    Mar 9 2010, 19h25
  • jomabbs

    When I discovered last.FM it came in the Yahoo package it was Yahoo's music program but I drifted away to Spotify. then midd way through last year I went to Yahoo to see how last.FM was doing and I got some other crap instead. Then I later looked around and found out that they had gone of on there own, good for them!... now I'm back and I'm hooked all over again=^)

    Jan 2 2011, 1h27
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