• Listen to BONNIE BAILEY'S entire *DEBUT* album TWISTED SUNSHINE on iLIKE

    Dez 11 2008, 22h58

    Hello Everyone!! This is Bonnie Bailey's Twisted Sunshine street team coming atcha with awesome news!!! After great anticipation Bonnie Bailey's *debut* album TWISTED SUNSHINE can be listened to on iLIKE. We are currently spreading the word on her new music which will be featured on many sites including FACEBOOK, MyYearbook, REVERBNATION, Bebo, & Friendster to name a few as well as Myspace in January with the Official launch of her myspace page. If you are on any of these sites join the TWISTED SUNSHINE movement and add Bonnie Bailey & her music to your page. Spread the word, dedicate songs to your friends on iLIKE and officially join the TWISTED SUNSHINE street team on Reverbnation!!!!

    Here is the iLIKE link:

    Bonnie BaileyBonnie Bailey, Hed Kandi, Fierce Angel, Ever After, Kingdom of Pretty, Twisted Sunshine