My neighbors have amazingly bad taste.


Jul 22 2006, 19h23

Litening to my Neighbor radio, I've come to the conclusion, either my neibors have really bad taste, or sucks at making neighbors. I started up my neighbor radio expecting good and new stuff.I came back dissapointed.

Now this is all opinion, so don't go "BUTI LEIK IT LOL."

Ok, first three were OK, first was by
Slayer, Raining Blood
Then it was ScorpionsComing Home
Then aPantera song.

Then it went downhill from there.

Eminem was next, with the crap-tastic Evil Deeds

Then it went through alot of other stuff, all it did was give the ban button some work.

Green DayEven popped up like 13 times, getting banned the second I saw it.

Oh well. I just like to sit back and do something else whilst listening to the radio, but with this neighbor radio, I have to go OH NOE! Green day's playing! ban ban ban.

P.S. My recommendation radio is worse.


  • electricnats

    Christ..My Neighbour radio wasn't quite *that* bad! Ugh..Green Day. Super crapness.

    Jul 22 2006, 19h43
  • Heavy-Shao

    my neighbour radio wasn't very good too, but it was in the same musical style

    Jul 22 2006, 21h52
  • DevilCreep

    Unfortunatly I've had the same luck with my neighbors. Just like in the real world.

    Jul 23 2006, 17h08
  • BGOATDoughnut

    But in the real world you can beat them to a plup. All I can do Is shout on their shoutbox HAY UR MUSIC TASTE SUKS LOL. And then they would reply something along the lines of; I don't even know what 3/4 of the shit i=you listen to is! lol I think i'll stick to my stuff a donut would like'' tag radio.

    Jul 23 2006, 17h16
  • homeogenic

    Completley agree here. And the artist fan radio isnt so good either. I was listening to the Bjork fan radio and ended up listening to Tim McGraw(no way I hate country!) and that was folowed by EminemAnd to Top it off Desitney's Child [track]bootilicous[/track] or some shit like that had to play and I finially turned it off in discust.

    Ago 8 2006, 21h40
  • BGOATDoughnut

    Exactly. Green Day Popped-up in Dragonforce's Fan radio and Simalar(sp?) Artist radio. Two completly different artists, I guess anything with a guitar is 'simalar'

    Ago 8 2006, 22h54
  • Morbid_Joy

    [quote]well its like Youtube, some ppl post the wrong video under the tit;e your looking for most to it purposly to piss ppl off but those first 3 straight in a row isnt a bad combination as long as it was Slayers-Raining Blood, a better Scorpions song, and Panteras Cemetery Gates or Walk[/quote]

    Ago 25 2006, 1h37
  • BGOATDoughnut

    @Morbid [quote]Don't[/quote]whore[quote]the[/quote][quote]quote[/quote]button[quote]!!![/quote] Plus I don't deal with youtube anymore.. It's just retards, pricks, assholes, and spammers on there now. Oh and by the way, it was Cowboys from Hell... The pantera song.

    Ago 25 2006, 3h10
  • Morbid_Joy

    theres no screaming in Cemetery Gates

    Ago 29 2006, 1h20
  • hammerstrikebg

    try my library radio then ;]

    Ago 9 2010, 12h21
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