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  • alesorius

    What a dick! Was he proven guilty? Asshole... :P What herbs? You mean like tea, for example? You little pothead! xD Plant that makes you dizzy... umm, maybe nettle and its formic ACID? ^^

    5 horas atrás Responder
  • alesorius

    Really? Are you sure about that? No, man, I haven't, because it's not a good idea. xD You tried?

    8 horas atrás Responder
  • alesorius

    Wow, he really did it. He shouldn't do it. xD Yeah, the Netherlands was defeated in penalty shootouts, that's a pity! I'm glad I didn't watch it. ^^"

    9 horas atrás Responder
  • alesorius

    Lel, I'm too tired to understand this, but I give it to you. Enjoy the read! xD

    Ontem 22:19 Responder
  • alesorius

    Well, this... this was predictable... :F

    Ontem 17:54 Responder
  • alesorius

    But show me that sampled song, give me a link or something. :P I don't like any MMORPG soundtrack, mate. I've got some game soundtrack in my library, but I only like Jeremy Soule, who's excellent with what he's doing. I know that Kanye's playing with the form and shit, but as I mentioned before, I find his music a poor value. That's just my opinion. Well, I went to a pub yesterday with my folks, and, you know, I had expected some real competition, a fine game, but what I've seen was just a gay porn movie with a looot of raping... :D Brazilia got raped so fucking much... I am really sorry for them. :(

    Ontem 17:49 Responder
  • alesorius

    I remember that Chinese stuff, but I don't remember the guy's name. :/ Do you? Wow, man, "I Am A God"? Really? :P With all respect, mate, what the hell is experimental in that crap? I can only hear some unusual electronic beat, some strange screams then, and Kanye singing. :P What song of King Crimson? Gimmeh dat song! Well, I believe that in a way his music is experimental and he's doing some new things, you know, but listening to his crap is a waste of time, in my honest opinion.

    Ontem 17:15 Responder
  • alchemist_os

    C'mon, you KNOW Dunkelheit (Burzum) is a masterpiece of a song!

    Ontem 14:22 Responder
  • alchemist_os

    Where is the Black Methulzz?

    Ontem 11:29 Responder
  • alchemist_os

    Azazel Black Metal!

    Ontem 08:42 Responder
  • darkdaniel666

    Dap :) Am scos 9 la psihologie la bac. Ma descurc... sa vedem. :D

    8 Jul 21h20 Responder
  • alesorius

    I'm getting into some real traditional or ancient stuff! I really have to get through this things! Why are you listening to Kanye West, tell me again because I don't get it. :/ And you can support your argument with some links!

    8 Jul 15h13 Responder
  • alesorius

    I don't like him at all. All that show business thing and its poor artistic value annoys me. Nah, I was joking with that that women suck, because they suck literally! xD Shame on me, that was bad, inappropriate, and I'm disgusting... I know. :<

    8 Jul 13h25 Responder
  • darkdaniel666

    7.95 ! Mai am admiterea... si gata!

    8 Jul 12h15 Responder
  • alesorius

    Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, that's not like that! I like women, just like a normal healthy man does. ^^ I was just joking. ^^"

    8 Jul 12h05 Responder
  • alesorius

    Kanye West? Whaaaaat the heeeeell..? xD

    8 Jul 12h00 Responder
  • darkdaniel666

    Am luat si bacu'... Te astept in Bucuresti la psihologie! :*

    8 Jul 11h34 Responder
  • alesorius

    Life doesn't suck! People suck! Especially women. :F Gahh, does it sound like chauvinist?

    8 Jul 11h32 Responder
  • alesorius

    Man, you find Division Bell boring? Imo A Momentary Lapse Of Reason is not decent. That album is just weak, both technically and lyrical, especially the latter, in comparison to their previous stuff. And by the way, AMLOR is the one before last album.

    8 Jul 11h30 Responder
  • alesorius

    I think that we should give them a chance! It's true that without Waters and Wright it doesn't look good, and yeah, those are leftovers with the capital letter, but you know what? I'd be really glad if I could listen to some new stuff. :) The Final Cut was clearly worse than all their previous stuff, but not that bad. A Momentary Lapse Of Reason was nothing special, an average album. But Division Bell was quite good! Really good. Perhaps the last real classic rock album in history. There's a lot of good songs. My fear is, if all that songs are leftovers, it means that they weren't good enough to be included on previous albums... it doesn't tell anything good, right? But hey! This is Pink Floyd, god dammit! They're a fucking legend, mate! They won't disappoint us! They can't. :P

    7 Jul 18h27 Responder
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