Can music be SO bad it's GOOD?


Dez 13 2006, 19h33

Now that there is a serious question. And yes. It seems it is possible.
Case in point: David Bowie - Wild is the Wind. Oh man. This is such a gem. I generally like Bowie. Like him because his music is GOOD.
But this. This is one of those heart wrenching ballads. And the lyrics are TOO MUCH. Even the song title is cheeee-seeey.
And I... I can't stop listening to it. I love it the same way I love Plan 9 from Outer Space.
Is that wrong? Maybe 'so bad it's good' ultimately equals GOOD. And though I love it for the wrong reasons, I love it nonetheless. (Awww... isn't that sweet?)
This ever happen to anyone else? Or am I alone here?

(On a side note - starting sentences with conjunctions is so wrong it HAS to be right!)


  • Gruffaluf_

    all punk music

    Dez 13 2006, 19h55
  • schizodanny

    Lucia Pamela - Into Outer Space With Lucia Pamela. It's *THE* album! It's the worst and the best album of all time...

    Dez 13 2006, 21h54
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