• Heartist were a bit shit. But....DAYUM.

    Mai 3 2013, 13h24

    Thu 2 May – Killswitch Engage, Sylosis, Heartist

    I'm not gonna bother rating Heartist because the clean vocals that dominated a lot of their songs ruins everything.
    Also what the vocalist said kinda set the tone. "We glad you like us guys because we've played a few gigs and some people really fuckin' hate us."

    Sylosis were amazing, they didn't play all the songs i wanted them to but i can';t complain really, it didn't seem to last an hour either. But overall they were excellent.

    Do i really need to mention how good Killswitch Engage were? It should be a no brainer, the constant shouts of Jesse got a bit annoying seeing how there is 5 members in the band, even he pointed it out himself and told them to stop, adam was hilarious, really made it a nice place to be.