Tool and 911


Mai 12 2009, 3h36

These are some fact i have come to encounter regarding the connection between tool (fans) and 911.

Ænima was released back in 1996 .jimmy is the ninth track and there is eleven all over the place

Read the lyrics knowing this and listen again

The 11th day of the 9th month 0f the year 2001 in which the twin towers that resembled an 11 were one with the ground

When one and one are one ,eleven

Apart from the idea of the towers being one ,there is something spiritual to it .Because 1 and 1 becoming 1 could be metaphor for a human being becoming one with god ,or holy spirit or whatever

The 8th track , the short intro before jimmy is called intermisson

These are the lyrics which i'm sure many of you know already but just in case

What was it like to see
The face of your own stability
Suddenly look away
Leaving you with the dead and hopeless?

Eleven and she was gone
Eleven is when we waved good-bye
Eleven is standing still,
Waiting for me to free him
By coming home

Moving me with a sound
Opening me within a gesture
Drawing me down and in,
Showing me where it all began,

He was too strong to realize that
You were the voice that was calling me back home

Under a dead ohio sky,
Eleven has been and will be waiting,
Defending his light,
And wondering...
Where the hell have I been?
Sleeping, lost, and numb
I'm So glad that I have found you
I am wide awake and heading back home

Hold your light,
Lead me through each gentle step by step
By inch by loaded memory

I'll move to heal
As soon as pain allows so we can
Reunite and both move on together

Hold your light,
Lead me through each gentle step by step
By inch by loaded memory
'till one and one are one, eleven,
So glow, child, glow

I'm heading back home

There is also something with this part "under a DEAD ohio sky" ,since ohio and new york are connected by a horizontal line and they are very close

Now,let’s take a look at this , the year 911 happened
Exactly what word does this number remind you of?

TWOOOL(notice the third eye?)

and maybe
They are both total void of hate , but killing me just the same , as the walls come down ,there is a look in your eyes , my fear begins to fade , recalling all of the times , i have died , and will die , it's all right , i don't mind
Forty six and two

I choose to live and to
Grow, take and give and to
Move, learn and love and to
Cry, kill and die and to
Be paranoid and to
Lie, hate and fear and to
Do what it takes to move through

I choose to live and to
Lie, kill and give and to
Die, learn and love and to
Do what it takes to step through

See my shadow changing,
Stretching up and over me
Soften this old armor
Hoping I can clear the way
By stepping through my shadow,
Coming out the other side
Step into the shadow
Forty six and two are just ahead of me
Come down
Get off your fucking cross
We need the fucking space to nail the next fool martyr

To ascend you must die
You must be crucified
For our sins and our lies
Don't forget the whole Ænema thing
Why is jimmy written in lower case? the story with James being 11?i know all about that . but maybe this little jimmy of ours thinks it's a sign that he's is supposed to bring capitalism down

(whoever he is or they are)

So what about pentagon?wasn't it some kind of symbol for some kind of spiritualism? hasn't it got anything to do with the collective unconscious?isn't that a pentagon at the doorstep of toolarmy?
So here is a theory:911 was based on Ænima ,especially the 9th track jimmy, it was carried out by messed up american youth like so many other terrorist attacks inspired by videogames,movies and music.but this is my conclusion (which is probably right).given these facts see what yours is
What they think they have proved is wrong , the government can't see the truth because it simply wants to believe what it wants to believe ,because they are too strong to realize ,or maybe they know but they like to use this thing as an excuse for wars they started .in both cases they want to look for "Die Eier Von Satan" in middle east ,while in fact it is nothing but a piece of cake .

A Perfect Circle
Envios pendentes
Conspiracy Theorists


  • EvenDeeper

    9/11 based on AEnima? Come on, you can't believe that, man!

    Mai 12 2009, 16h57
  • Shwang_Shwinga

    You've convinced me.

    Mai 12 2009, 17h04
  • Arnona

    Mai 12 2009, 17h07
  • Arnona

    Tate/LaBianca murders connected to the music of the Beatles ? I mean the harmless human loving Beatles?

    Mai 12 2009, 17h27
  • Angienel

    haha...there is brilliant ppl that can connect perfectly a lot of different situations and make a whole statement, like this one, I know, that's exactly how I wrote my thesis by associating whatever with anything and getting one phenomenom, so, good job for that association, is excellent, but what really happens with 911 every knows already. if you don't, ask your local physician, architect or construction engineer and let them explain you with a board and some markers how two perfectly and strong built up towers like those became one in minutes. 911 must be a compulsory high school physic problem, and all nort american student must be able to solve it on an exam.

    Mai 12 2009, 20h27
  • docrivs

    very creative. i think you have tapped into the whole point of the study of conspiracy theory: when one views events that happen in the world as being controlled, manipulated, or influenced by one person, organization, or a small group of organizations, then that person will link all of the complexities involved in the event to that one anchor. in your case, you creatively suggested that the destruction of the twin towers and the combined '9-11 attacks' were either controlled, manipulated, or influenced by some fanatical listeners of tool, who were so inspired by their creation, 'aenima', that they contributed to the most devastating terrorist attack on u.s. soil in american history. fanatics do that kind of thing. after all, the guy who killed darrell 'dimebag' abbott, along with a few other people, at the alrosa villa, in columbus, ohio, several years ago, was a self-proclaimed pantera fanatic. we all read into what we like. this group of musicians has such a shroud of mystery and enigma around them that it drives fans to unlock the mysteries. i remember studying the artwork on the 'opiate' ep and trying to figure out what it all meant. back then, there wasn't any information on tool that i could find. now, information is all over the place. my favorite tool conspiracy theory is still the 'fibonacci pattern' theory. by the way, 'eleven' is my favorite song on this album. combined with the intense storm-like buildup that accompanies it, that line, 'remember i will always love you...' is unforgettable.

    Mai 15 2009, 15h46
  • juzifer


    Mai 16 2009, 9h39
  • WerBack

    You've taken too serious "Overthinking, Overanalizing separates my body from my mind..." It does, but also it does separate your brain from your fingers.

    Mai 17 2009, 10h13
  • sm105

    the song can be used as a ritual. but the fact that it was actually used as a ritualistic mean or something is not gonna be proven by me or you :D nice work drawing the various links between the two.

    Mai 18 2009, 18h26
  • Euan-loves-tool

    you cant be serious -_-

    Jun 4 2009, 22h36
  • voxantennae

    Heeeeey! you.. Anyone noticed the uncanny resemblance between "10,000 Days" and the Elvis Presley album "Elvis Country (I'm 10,000 Years Old) ? Oh yes! Her lay the black kittel. lol.

    Jun 6 2009, 11h09
  • voxantennae

    A small segement from the carving in the actual Rosetta Stone... " The high priests and prophets, and those who enter the inner shrine in order to robe the gods, and those who wear the hawk's wing, and the sacred scribes, and all the other priests who have assembled at Memphis before the king" How spooky is that!? roflmao!

    Jun 6 2009, 18h31
  • Lizardman3


    Jul 24 2009, 3h12
  • puffswiggly

    Wow, especially with that picture, and the two towers..

    Ago 28 2009, 10h01
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