the number 50 is for losers!


Mai 13 2008, 14h12

the number 50 is for losers!


  • bicknor

    Since being born I have lived more than 50 seconds, then 50 minutes then 50 hours then 50 days then 50 weeks and then 50 months. Still winning, I proceeded to pass 50 years. During this time I made more than 50 friends( having from birth had more than 50 relatives, and have had far more than 50 lady friends both platonic and sexual. To date 50 has been the opposite of losing for me. So I believe the statement ' the number 50 is for losers' is a mere generalisation, possibly accurate in some cases but in most, not. And, of course, this comment has more than 50 words. :)

    Ago 18 2012, 17h23
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