2007 Recap: Part 1


Fev 19 2008, 9h24

Now that the writers strike is over...The LONG honorable mention list. Some of these are late-bloomers...may have made the "official" Top 25 (forthcoming) given more time and listens.

Mark Templeton
Standing on a Hummingbird
Rising above the glut of glitch artists springing up like weeds making it impossible to keep up with.

In Rainbows
This didn't work as a whole album for me. I can't help but hear the influences from different Radiohead era's making it feel disjointed albeit "All I Need" is one of the top 5 tracks they've ever done.

Time Frost
If you're needing a Biosphere fix...

Akira Kosemura
It's On Everything
Two great albums from this guy this year.

Do Make Say Think
You, You're A History In Rust
Great band. Better live

Shuta Hasunuma
OK Bamboo


Library Tapes
Slow down!!! This is like 3 (maybe 4) albums this year.

Leave Now for Adventure
Mmm, crunchy beats.

The Reminder
Almost booted from the list for being nominated for Grammy's.

Two Point Discrimination
Slow down (part 2!!). Also another solid release from his Helios project this year as well.

Unit 21

In Our Bedroom After the War
Some great great tracks...not as great an album and not in a league with Set Yourself On Fire, but solid.

Jasper TX
A Darkness
In A Cool Monsoon
Two great albums from a guy about to make a masterpiece.

Radical Face

A Place to Bury Strangers
A Place To Bury Strangers
Mmm, noise.

William Basinski
The more I listen to this guy the more amazing it gets. Can safely say he was way ahead of his time with this. Would have been a top 5 album if it wasn't a re-release. His Disintegration Loops albums are incredible.

Tulsa Drone
Songs From a Mean Season
The most unique post-rock band going that no one knows about.

Aaron Martin & Machinefabriek
Cello Recycling

Near The Parenthesis
Of Soft Construction

Morgan Packard
Airships Fill the Sky

Wilits and Sakamoto
Ocean Fire

Yellow Swans
At All Ends

World's End Girlfriend
Hurtbreak Wonderland
Well, this probably really should have made the top 25 upon further review.


  • twoism2

    I need to give that Rapoon album another spin. I gave it a listen months back and forgot about it

    Mar 7 2008, 19h54
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