Music Wrap-Up for 2010


Jan 2 2011, 20h15

Number of Tracks Scrobbled: 25,410

Tag Cloud for 2010:

Album Cloud for 2010:

Favorite New Artist: Florence + the Machine
Biggest Surprise: Mandy Moore doesn't suck / I like indie.
Biggest Disappointment: Scar Symmetry's "Dark Matter Dimensions"*
Biggest Rediscovery: The Offspring
Longest Binge: God Is An Astronaut (532 plays in <5 days)
Most Anticipated Album of 2011: Insomnium's fifth/F+tM's sophomore
Biggest Wish: That Equilibrium would release an album of acoustic cuts of some (most) of their music.

*I realize it came out late in 2009, but I didn't get around to giving it a real listen until Feb. 2010... and I was incredibly disappointed.


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