• Carriers Of Dust - De L'Echec Et De Son Essentialité

    Jan 14 2007, 14h17

    This one took a lot more time. ^^

    Carriers Of Dust - De L'Echec Et De Son Essentialité

    Fighting bare handed against the very nature of time
    Going up the heraclitusan* flow as best as he can,
    I sometimes happen to see resurfacing or coming to life again of the void
    Old souvenirs of what I could observe of the former project
    My memory of habit, deceitful and forgetful
    Hasn't however lost anything of this fabulous ceremony
    Destined to trace a gold path, a new destiny
    For a whole new dynasty and its sibyllin* phantasms.

    Not yet as the shape of a horde
    But as one of a vulgar mass, fleeing the discord
    Which was then raging, and which still and always
    Sounds unweariedly in this world and in its surroundings.
    The vague glance, hanging, lost in the emptiness,
    These beings, reunited by the hazard of their wander
    Sweared of an unique voice carried by their trance
    To exist together, finally serene and brave.

    That was the cry of a tyrannised growth
    Firmly decided to end it with all kind of impurity
    Hence, the latter asserted its lineage
    Of the divinity in its dirtiest variation.

    Thus was born the microcosm of bad and vanity; disabled by
    the presence of the void, it had pledged allegiance to the mystic in order
    to give itself again artificially the capacity that its precedent
    collapse had removed to it.

    But how can one pretend to the still etantity*
    When one repeats blindly his errors of the past,
    Which precisely revealed to be the shadow zones
    That had thrown the previous building into the darkest destiny ?

    Poor wormlings unable to thwart
    The lathing nihilism being injected under the weight of the past !
    The barks of empty promises will soon be swept
    By the incipient wind announcing the demystified dawn !

    Licking frantically the sand of the desert to try to
    The blatering* lion seeks to thwart the secrets of the soil by its

    And here is this mass crossed by the same tensions
    Which had already righted the ancient system.
    Inflated by despair and a nombrilist claim,
    The pseudo warriors had repeated the nihilists errors.

    One who has no wings can't take off
    And contemplate the routes traced on the ground,
    to emancipate and carry to his bloody body
    The traces of an atheist revolt.

    Thus the pseudo elite mudded
    In its mystic stripped of aura,
    Having nothing else to contemplate,
    But the repetition of the error passively fed.
    Consequently chocked by its pretension,
    It denied the failure and the dereliction
    To better flatter itself in the fading
    And the ignorance which it fustigated formerly so resolutely.

    More than the attitude of a tribe : that of a world, of a specie...
    Reordering the world upside-down, so absurd, so

    I will lay down sad this evening
    And will wake up tomorrow, as weakened as an old man,
    Then haunted by a suddenly intrinsic intuition :
    That of a universality and the necessity of the failure.

    * Heraclitus of Ephesus (Ἡράκλειτος ὁ Ἐφέσιος) : greek presocratic philosopher who inspired other great philosophers (Platon, Socrate, Nietzsche, ...). He was persecuted for paganism.
    One of his idea (that could suit these lyrics) : what lives dies, what is dead becomes alive, the flow of generation of death never stops.

    * Sybilles : virgin women, oracles (sometimes even haruspexes) during the Antiquity in Greece. Oracles were the basis of the ancient greek religion, they could tell people of the gods' will and about destiny. After christianism had reached Greece, the christians treated oracles as drug addicts, liars, etc. Fewer clients came and the oracles eventually disappeared.

    * etantity : it's a neologism, both in English and in French because there was nothing about that word in dictionaries. I found this word within some text and it seems to mean "common sense". Not verified.

    * blatering : again a neologism because it's that kind of f'ckin word I can't find but I know its meaning. It's the "mooing of the camel". Understand ? ^^
  • Of Wind And Weeping - Racines Dénudées

    Jan 12 2007, 23h18

    Mirrorthrone's lyrics, when written in French, are a kind of "free poetry", meaning there are rhymes (poor and average) without a consistency concerning the metric. It's not a critic, just a description.

    So here I start with the first track. English isn't my mother tongue so there may be mistakes.

    Racines Dénudées : Nude roots

    When carried by blackish foamy flows
    The ground is sublimated to the last glance of the unfortunates
    And lets appear under a sinister clair-obscur*
    Interlacement of rotting and impure roots

    The ire of the ununderstood idea
    The revenge of the unsubmissive tear
    Letting the wave strike the rocks
    Growling furiously to die exhausted

    What the shepperd* reason has for so long ignored
    Because from the influence of the hidden senses
    An obscure power just roared
    As the weepings of a second and vengeful birth

    Vengeful because even though present and growing
    Those abhored roots were merely subjacent
    Out of range of an immeriting and disarticulated mass
    Which wouldn't have been able to seize their revealed force

    A yelled truth but from everybody ignored
    Which is seen through the fulfillment of its verified prediction
    And therefrom unveiled to the haggard eyes
    Of the beings in fall swearing at random

    Let the crow sing the death
    And the vulture delights in the fate
    The cycle is carried out inevitably
    Through the ages since the night of times

    * clair-obscur : also known as chiaroscuro in English, it's the art of scattering the light contrasting with a dark background in painting. However, there's a second meaning in French (apparently lacking in English) which is a sweet and intimate atmosphere, likely for the dreams. The latter meaning is more likely to be fitting the lyrics.

    * shepperd : it's a noun but in French it can be an adjective as well, meaning naive, simple. Hardly ever used.