My Top 30 Albums from 2008


Dez 31 2008, 17h31

A bit late but still on time, I guess. I was waiting for Velvet Cacoon's Atropine and Shining's Klagopsalmer, but meh, but were delayed to 2009.
This is my list, I had some trouble figuring out which album should be in every position, but here it goes:

1.- A Forest of Stars - The Corpse of Rebirth

2.- Virus - The Black Flux

3.- Melencolia Estatica - Letum

4.- Sunn O))) - Domkirke

5.- Have a Nice Life - Deathconsciousness

6.- Boris - Smile (Diwphalanx Version)

7.- Boris - Cloud Chamber

8.- Ocean - Pantheon of The Lesser

9.- Lantlôs - s/t

10.- Spite Extreme Wing - Vltra

11.- Jex Thoth - s/t

12.- Blood Ceremony - s/t

13.- Ufomammut - Idolum

14.- Torche - Meanderthal

15.- Darkspace - III

16.- ColdWorld - Melancholie²

17.- Asva - What You Don't Know Is Frontier

18.- Nadja - Desire in Uneasiness

19.- Black Shape of Nexus - Microbarome Meetings

20.- Lurker Of Chalice - s/t (SL Digipack)

21.- Earth - The Bees Made Honey In The Lion's Skull

22.- Leviathan - Massive Conspiracy Against All Life

23.- Caïna - Temporary Antennae

24.- Menace Ruine - Cult of Ruins

25.- Runhild Gammelsæter - Amplicon

26.- Janvs - Vega

27.- maudlin of the Well - Bath

28.- Mouth of the Architect - Quietly

29.- Black Flame - Imperivm

30.- Lifelover - Konkurs

And that's all. feel free to comment.


  • AntaresMHD

    Ok, why did I put Bath in there...? Mmm.

    Jan 1 2009, 0h26
  • Implications

    Hey, check out Release by the American doom metal band Revelation, and Against Nature's 2008 albums. The latter can be downloaded on their official website. I don't think you'll be disappointed by those.

    Jan 2 2009, 14h56
  • AntaresMHD

    Thanks you, Malvery! (yes I know, I'm not still used to Implications) I'll check them ASAP. I'd probably swap Bath for one of those albums by maudlin of the Well's Bath. I still don't get why I put it there :| dalej_thrash: bah, ni que fueran tan desconocidos... Prueba el de Jex Thoth a ver si te llama la atención, y Virus también.

    Jan 2 2009, 17h10
  • Implications

    No problem. I know you like good doom metal, so I figured that I've share recommendations. :)

    Jan 4 2009, 4h45
  • AiyaB

    Buena lista Antares aunque hay mucho material que no conozco mucho Drone y Black xD, me toca hacer mi lista

    Jan 8 2009, 0h59
  • Jordan1124

    Nice list, we have some similar picks. Did you listen to Grails newest, Doomsayer's Holiday? Check it out if not. I'm going to check out some of the ones on your list I haven't heard of.

    Jan 8 2009, 3h11
  • madridista19

    Verga, sólo escuché los de Lifelover, Janvs, Melencolia, MOTA, y Maudlin of The Well, excelentes todos. El resto NPI de qué es.

    Jan 9 2009, 2h53
  • Ttssattsr2

    Lurker of Chalice wasn't strictly released in 2008, it was only reissued. Get your facts straight, or I'll get angry online, bro.

    Jan 10 2009, 0h17
  • rajazan

    feels very good man

    Jan 13 2009, 18h47
  • w4ffl35

    Needs more sludge and less Black metal bro.

    Jan 14 2009, 20h19
  • Crusader74

    ^What he said bro.

    Jan 16 2009, 5h11
  • Ryoman1127

    I liked the Southern Lord release of Smile alot better. Also, Cloud Chamber was an utter disappointment.

    Fev 11 2009, 5h19
  • kraeman

    shit that's quite the black metal selection. Coldworld is quite good. btw

    Fev 15 2009, 18h02
  • MatthewWalters

    Jeez, I haven't heard of any of these!

    Fev 16 2009, 22h43
  • se7enplagues

    Bath no es del 2008, sino del 2001. De hecho, Maudlin Of The Well se separo hace años ya y ahora son Kayo Dot. Lo que salio el año pasado fue un reissue del disco, pero mas nada. Por eso es que lo pusiste en esta lista. Es un error aceptable, ya que supongo que no conocias la banda anteriormente.

    Mar 9 2009, 1h32
  • forkiada

    nice list, but number 1 is pretty boring IMO

    Abr 10 2009, 22h39
  • afz902k

    Some stuff from there I really like, other stuff not so much. Still quite a respectable list.

    Nov 18 2009, 8h52
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