My Top 10 Albums of 2005


Dez 11 2005, 0h21

'tis the season to look back and reflect, here are my top 10 albums of 2005

-1- Morcheeba ~ Antidote

-2- Goldfrapp ~ Supernature

-3- Esthero ~ Wikked Lil Grrrls

-4- Garbage ~ Bleed Like Me

-5- Conjure One ~ Extraordinary Ways

-6- Hooverphonic ~ No More Sweet Music

-7- Nine Inch Nails ~ With Teeth

-8- Röyksopp ~ The Understanding

-9- Afro Celt Sound System ~ Anatomic

-10- Brazillian girls ~ Brazillian Girls

Honerable mentions to albums I discovered in 2005 (most in thanks to but were not released in 2005

Feist ~ Let It Die
Airlock ~ Symptomatic
The Killers ~ Hot Fuss
Sia ~ Colour The Small One
Artefact ~ One of a Kind
VAST ~ Visual Audio Sensory Theater
Emiliana Torrini ~ Merman


  • SaturdayNight

    damn..Antidote came out in 2005? Lol seems like its been forever.. Pretty good list, I like it

    Dez 11 2005, 2h05
  • georgebills

    Yay for NIN! :D Also yay for people not complaining that it's too accessible. :o

    Dez 11 2005, 4h30
  • XMwaX

    Yay for goldfrapp!

    Dez 11 2005, 21h49
  • MissLindsay

    VAST is a great, great album. As is Feist. You have excellent taste, sir. =)

    Dez 13 2005, 18h02
  • giveuptheghost

    So how is [i]Antidote[/i]? I didn't know they were still around. Will definitely check out.

    Dez 21 2005, 14h58
  • schmeep

    Brilliant taste. My choice of best album for 2005 was exactly the same =D

    Dez 31 2005, 20h22
  • origamicreature

    I love Feist's album... and most of your top 10 list. What are your favourite Morcheeba's songs?

    Jan 29 2006, 4h28
  • MJascow

    huzzah for Röyksopp. Arrtifact surprised me a bit though, wonder how you came in touch with it? I thought it was a pretty small unknown group, even in the Netherlands.

    Jan 31 2006, 0h49
  • Sutekh35

    Only listened to 'The Understanding' for the first time a couple of weeks ago, very impressive. I can understand how some listeners were dissapointed expecting the same sound as 'Melody A.M', but to me it is the equal of their debut, if not better. Perfect synth pop. Your list is excellent overall. I would add Ladytron-'The Witching Hour',Vitalic-'OK Computer' and Andy Bell-'Electric Blue'

    Ago 25 2007, 5h18
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