Songs to Board By, The Winterlist


Dez 21 2005, 14h36

So, I'm off to France for an awesome week of snowboarding upcoming friday, and naturally I'm bringing my mp3-player. If only to make sure I don't get bothered by the screams of people dodging my speedy rampage down the slopes at the last second ;)
However, there's always the case of the tracklist.

You people out there that have ever stood on a snowboard must know what I talk about when I talk about the freedom inherent in flying over the snow, crispy white powder under your board and a clear blue sky over your head. The exhileration when you land an awesome jump and the adrenaline as you make your way down through a forest at full velocity.

I want the songs on my tracklist to have that same feeling, want them to lift me up and exhilerate me likewise, in order to maximize the two effects to such extend that I can practically get high on it.

It may be cheesy, but Lords of the Boards by the Guano Apes is a still a must for me. Since they have it all I'll also put No Speech and Crossing the Deadline in there.

The next artist that always works really well for me is No Fun at All. Their ultimate punk has guitars so fast that you'll float even without a board. Songs I'll add to my board-list from them will be Catch me running around, Sorry Lads and Suicide Machine.

Queens of the Stone Age have this same effect on my, so Hanging Tree and Song For The Dead are added too.

If you want freedom, you ofcourse can't get around Nirvana, no matter how hard you try, so Stay Away and Where Did You Sleep Last Night.

To wrap up the punk section I'll finish with Some from The Offspring and a few from The Hives. Specifically, Beheaded, Conspiracy of One, Want You Bad, Main Offender, Dead Quote Olympics and their brilliant Hate To Say I Told You So ==> Which ofcourse reminds me of Blur's Song 02. That'll go right in there

To get the funkyness back in my board, I'll also add some of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, this year that'll be Get on Top, Blood Sugar Sex Magic and Subway to Venus

Some more Funk, seriously different from the rest, but I just want it in, is Rock Lobster from The B-52's, wacky as always.

Now, time for some more female vocalists, or I'm never going to enjoy myself there on the slopes. So, we'll throw Pretty Girls Make Graves' Speakers Push Air in, get Bikini Kill's Rebel Girl and Liar and this'll bring us straight to The Donnas.

Now there's another band that can lift me up. Granted, their early stuff has some horrible crap, but the later songs are awesome, so I just have to add Play My Game, It's on the Rocks, Let's Go Mano and the inevitable Take It Off.

Now, sadly, my mp3-player can hold only 128 Megabytes of data (I know, I'm horribly old-fashioned) so we're going to have to wrap it up with some metal, maybe a bit gothic or something. Let's just start off with Evanescence, now there's some music that can get me high, I'll probably burst out singing when this is on, but who cares right?

So, Eternal, Tourniquet, Taking Over Me and Bring Me to Life go right on the list. Like this it'll fill up fast, so we'll quickly add Within Temptation's Dark Wings and then we'll just wrap it up with In Extremo's Der Rattenfänger.

Well we're full up and assured an awesome boarding experience, if you have any tips for me, please tell me and I'll take them into consideration, and if you don't know any of these bands or songs, they're all heavily recommended, especially when your gliding/falling/walking/running/flying through the snow :)

Merry Christmas all!

Envios aceitos
Extensive Musical Taste


  • Pingu_90

    You've got great taste in music, matey!

    Dez 21 2005, 16h37
  • Angry_B8

    Thanks, though this of course is just the adrenaline part, If I feel like chilling, you'll get some totally different artists in there ofcourse, though some remain :)

    Dez 21 2005, 17h49
  • Pingu_90

    Hehe, what artists would you chose for that then?

    Dez 22 2005, 12h45
  • Angry_B8

    That, my dear, is for a different journal ;) Expect it in Februari, when I've finished up all my exams. :D

    Dez 22 2005, 17h21
  • Pingu_90

    Ahh, you can't make me wait that long! :-P

    Dez 22 2005, 17h57
  • JUDI7H

    Meer lijstjes! :D Ik houuu van lijstjes.

    Nov 2 2008, 15h28
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