Song of the Day (Feb. 16 2012)


Fev 17 2012, 4h20

Where Is the Love? ~ Black Eyed Peas

Just wondering where the love is lately between my guy and I.. I feel there is something, but we've suppressed it. I know he wants to say what he feels about me... I know it. Lately, I see him, and all he says to me is my name, over and over and over again. I have no idea why. Any ideas? Because I'm clueless. Wait, WAIT!? Epiphany. One time, like a year ago (when our relationship was much more stable), he was doing the same thing... except I'd say his name over and over and over again back to him. So one of our friends went, "what are you two doing!? Is that like your mating call!?"... maybe he's subconsciously trying to re-create that. God, I'm such a psychologist: it's insane. Damn, these journal things do help. I gotta go; write you later! :3


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