Music legend Tony Wilson has passed away


Ago 11 2007, 7h27

Friday August 10, 2007

The music mogul Tony Wilson has died aged 57 following a heart attack.

The former Factory Records boss had been diagnosed with kidney cancer last year, and had been undergoing treatment in hospital in Manchester.

Wilson founded the famous Hacienda nightclub and was one of five co-founders of Factory Records, which produced bands such as New Order and the Happy Mondays during a period in the eighties dubbed 'Madchester'.
He was an English record label owner, radio presenter, TV show host, nightclub manager, impresario and journalist for Granada Television and the BBC.

Born at Hope hospital, Salford, he went to De La Salle Grammar School, Salford, and studied english at Cambridge before beginning his TV career as a trainee with ITN in 1971.

He was a reporter and presenter on Granada Reports and went on to present So It Goes - the music show that first aired punk bands.

He also worked on World In Action - Granada's flagship current affairs programme - and Flying Start which showcased new businesses, as well as After Dark, a late night discussion programme on Channel 4.

Besides presenting, he helped to organise the annual In The City festival in Manchester which attracts musicians and critics from all over the world.And Steve Coogan played Tony in the film 24 Hour Party People, a semi-fictional account of Tony and Factory Records.

More recently he has presented XFM Manchester's The Sunday Roast show and two BBC GMR shows, Ground Rules, a one-hour sports show, and Oxford Road Station, a Saturday lunch-time show.

His family were too upset to talk last night but wanted to thank staff at the MRI and Christie who have provided "fantastic" care for him over the last few months.
Professor Robert Hawkins, his doctor at Christie hospital, said: "It's very sad. He died as a result of something unrelated to his cancer. His cancer was responding well to treatment but obviously did contribute to his poor health".'>

Unfortunately, I will never have a chance to see him in the flesh. At Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival this year, he was introducing Happy Mondays to the crowd, and I was 3 minutes too late to see him do it, so I almost had a chance to witness the Legend in person.....

Rest In Peace. God Bless you and your family. Thanks for all of the AMAZING MUSIC and for the sweet history you made, not to mention the crazy scene and basically the soundtrack to my life. Say hi to Ian for me... I'll be seeing you both someday ...

Joy Division A Certain Ratio Happy Mondays New Order The Durutti Column Cabaret Voltaire Martin Hannett Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark

What I missed and will forever regret

Envios pendentes
Joy Division


  • Slighthammer

    I was sat on a relatively empty tram travelling into Manchester from Stretford in the late 'nineties and Tony Wilson was a few seats in front and to the left of me. I thought about going over to greet him, but the only thing I could think of saying was, Why are you wearing sunglasses? It's October. He got off at G-Mex and the moment was lost. Actually I could have thanked him for doing that report about alien abduction on 'Granada Tonight' in the late 'seventies which scarred my seven year-old mind and prevented me from going upstairs without a light on for years afterwards. What I want to know is why, considering that he achieved substantially enough for himself culturally speaking, did people persist in repeating the rubbish that Anthony Burgess was his father? After Joy Division, New Order, the Hacienda and Happy Mondays it's not like he needed any added cachet.

    Ago 11 2007, 18h16
  • Andreahhhh

    Wow, I can't believe that you had the chance to actually see him. I could only imagine how amazing that was. Haha that sounds like you HAD to be there to witness the glasses. Hah aw thankfully I had not watched that video as a young child, as that would have been very creepy. I'm still scared of the dark haha. Well, all in all, Rest In Peace Anthony H. Wilson

    Ago 11 2007, 22h22
  • Slighthammer

    It didn't feel like anything of particular moment, Andrea. Growing up in Manchester in the 'seventies and 'eighties, Mr. Wilson was part of the furniture of daily life. Outside of north-west England he is primarily known as the founder of Factory Records, guiding light of Joy Division and the eccentric devotee of Shaun Ryder. In the north-west, though, he was far better known as an anchor on the regional evening television news and as the presenter of a variety of local arts programmes. The musical aspect of his career was a sideline that didn't get that much attention until the Madchester scene began to boom and he became the obvious focal point of commentary as a journalist and insider. Only then did his role as a record label entrepreneur begin to overshadow his newsreading career. So, it didn't seem at all remarkable to be on a tram with him, just as it didn't seem particularly notable to see the local tv weatherman, Fred Talbot, in pubs around Altrincham, as used to be the case in that period. He was on his way to work at the Hacienda and I was on the way to work in Longsight. It was all pretty mundane to be honest.

    Ago 12 2007, 23h54
  • Andreahhhh

    I guess so, since you grew up with him and lived relatively close to him compared to me, since I'm young and from the US. It just sucks to see someone who did so many great things pass.

    Ago 15 2007, 0h57
  • ipodista

    I was lucky enough to have been within the factory circle and saw a fair amount of Tony as he was manager of a mates group A Certain Ratio. He was an intellectual perfectionist and loved baiting people into debates back stage to see how good you could stand up for you principles. His loyalty to Manchester is without equal, not even the football teams can say they have the devotion Tony gave to the city and later the region. Tony could have gone to London and made a lot more money then he ever got staying in the north but that was the point and he never left and can be considered as more responsible for the regeneration of Manchester than almost any politician. I will post a youtube video late i know exists of Tony on Granada Reports the regional tv news programme he was on, and he introduces the world to The Smiths. I am very pleased to know the ripples of his life got to be noticed as far as you...

    Ago 18 2007, 18h25
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