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Abr 1 2008, 22h22

It's true! This is no April Fools' joke. No particular reason, my life is just going pretty well. Well, there is one huge reason. Today is the anniversary of the day jade and I met: our friendiversary. I am so damn glad I know her!

Also, it rained yesterday. That was nice because I like the rain, and because it was the first time it's rained since before it started snowing instead. I was in such a good mood, I skipped all the way on the walk between campuses, and listened to Rainy Day In June on repeat.

Our school's music festival was on friday and saturday night. We call it WOstock, because our school is called West Ottawa. it's a really bad pun. it was fun, though! One of my friend's bands played there, and when they were done I helped them disassemble their equipment and load it into their cars. Apparently I was really efficient at this, so I'm now an official roadie. :D My old math teacher's band was also there, and they rocked! He can play guitar like no one's business, I swear. Also, it was cool that they played one of my favourite songs, Banditos. We always had similar music tastes. La Dispute also played, and they sounded great. I think it's really cool that they come to our school because some of their top listeners on here are from other countries.

In other news, I listened to Vanilla Fudge - Eleanor Rigby today. It was EPIC.

I also recently re-discovered 2 songs form my childhood; The Hollies - Bus Stop, and Freddie & The Dreamers - I'm Telling You Now.

Now, just for the heck of it, a survey. Why not? I like surveys. It's one of those 'put your iPod on shuffle' things.

This is my favourite song right now: They Might Be Giants - SenSurround
Is this true?
-Nope, it used to be my second, though. Like, 1.3 years ago, I think.

This is my least favourite song right now: They Might Be Giants - Museum of Idiots (5 Piece TMBG - Live)
Is this true?
-No, I love this (and every) version of this song.

I have no idea why this song is on my music player: They Might Be Giants - Whistling in the Dark (live @ "The Flood Show")
Is this true?
-Heck no! This is the second most awesome version EVER of an awesome song.

This song makes me sad: They Might Be Giants - To The Bubblecraft!
Is this true?
-No, this song made me laugh so hard the first time!

This song makes me mad: They Might Be Giants - Women and Men (live @ "The Flood Show")
Is this true?
-No, this song makes me very happy.

This song makes me happy: The Monkees - Tomorrow's Gonna Be Another Day
Is this true?
- No, actually. This song, to me, kind of sounds like under all the layers of optimism it's really about a guy who's in denial that his heart is seriously broken. It's a really sad song when you think about that.

This song ALWAYS cheers me up: They Might Be Giants - Your Own Worst Enemy
Is this true?
- Sometimes when I'm sad it makes me feel more sad, but sometimes it makes me feel better becasue it reminds me that s lot of people go through hard times and they're all dealing with it. Also, it's such a pretty song that even if I feel sad listening to it, it's sad in a good way, not a wretched way.

This song brings back lots of memories: They Might Be Giants - How Can I Sing Like a Girl? (live @ North Six, new year's 2006)
Is this true?
- This song in general reminds me of a specific time my family and I went hiking on a sand-dune preserve, and there were signs all over the place describing the ecology of the dunes, it was really fascinating. we had listened to this song on the way there, and I asked my dad what 'objectified' meant when we stopped to take a rest.

This song reminds me of my crush/girlfriend/boyfriend: Mundanes - All Expenses Paid
Not really, my crush wasn't really born rich or anything. Although the line "say what you want to be, and you'll be poor and free" kind of reminds me of how he dropped out of collage to join a band. I don't know how poor he ever actually was, though.

This song is overplayed: The Beatles - I've Just Seen a Face
Is this true?
-I've never heard it on the radio, but I'm guessing since it's a Beatles song it was most likely played more on the radio than most other songs I enjoy.

This song is not played enough: The Monkees- I Wanna Be Free
Is this true?
-If this song came on the radio anywhere I could hear it, I'd be immensely happy and probably squeak when it came on. Also, I have no idea why I don't listen to it more, I love this song so much.

I'm sick of this song: The Velvet Underground - Pale Blue Eyes
Is this true?
- Actually, kind of. I wouldn't be, but it came on my shuffle a few days ago, and I was in the mood so I put it on repeat for, I'm guessing, 45 minutes (I only got to listen to music for, at the most, 9 minutes at a time that day).

I can't get enough of this song: They Might Be Giants - Dig My Grave
Is this true?
- I've never cared much for this song, actually. I usually only hear it when I listen to Apollo 18 from start to finish.

Someone told me about this song: They Might Be Giants - Youth Culture Killed My Dog
Is this true?
- Not really. After I started getting into TMBG, They Might Be Giants was the last album I heard (but the second one I actually bought, funnily enough), and I first heard the song there.

I heard this song on my own: Tally Hall - Haiku
Is this true?
-Yep, I first heard it on their first album after I bought it.

I have watched the video for this song: They Might Be Giants - Seven Days Of The Week (I Never Go To Work)
Is this true?
-Yes, several times on 3 different podcasts and on my lovely Here Comes The 123s DVD.

My mom actually likes this song: They Might Be Giants - Don't Let's Start
Is this true?
- She used to think it's ok, but now it annoys her because I listen to it too much when she's in the general vicinity.

All my friends LOVE this song: They Might Be Giants - Pictures of Pandas Painting (live @ north six on new years' 2006).
Is this true?
- some of my TMBG friends online might. I think Jade LIKES it but doesn't LOVE it. Although maybe she actually loves this particular version becasue it has awesome banter tacked on to the end. And none of my real-life friends know it. Unless you count my awesome TMBG fan science teacher, I guess we talk enough outside of class to be considered 'friends'.

I LOVE the artist/band that sings this song: They Might Be Giants - Fingertips (Everything Is Catching On Fire)
Is this true?
-YES! Favourite band!

I don't really like many songs by the artist/band that sings this song: The Beatles - Dizzy Miss Lizzy
Is this true?
- NOT true, The Beatles have tons of great songs. Like, all of Help!, in particular. I couldn't live without that album.

I can really relate to this song: They Might Be Giants - Vancouver
Is this true?
- Kind of. My interpretation of this song is that it's about a 'poser' girl who pretends to be something she's not, and I used to always try to look cool even when I detested what I was wearing and how I was acting.

This song has bad lyrics: They Might Be Giants - Somebody Took My Eyeball
Is this true?
- Not at all! The lyrics are amazing! "Somebody took my eye, it was the only on that I had". :D

This song has very good lyrics: They Might Be Giants - The Day
Is this true?
-Yes, the lyrics are the best part. Marvin Gaye and Phil Ochs getting married, with pillows falling out of the sky, makes me smile every time.

This song is good to dance to: The Monkees - Last Train to Clarksville
Is this true?
- Yes! Often when I'm listening to it in my room I get up and dance.

I love singing this song: They Might Be Giants - Empty Bottle Collector
Is this true?
-haha, there are no lyrics. :D Still, it's not a song I even hum often.

I wouldn't want people to know I like this song: They Might Be Giants - Words Are Like
Is this true?
-Not really. Everyone I know either likes this song or has never heard of it.

This song is pretty old: Tally Hall - Two Wuv
Is this true?
- Well, I listen to a lot of 60's music, so seeing as this song was released 2005, it's on the more recent side of the spectrum.

This song is fairly new: The White Stripes - Ball and Biscuit
Is this true?
- I think it's from 2001, so it's still pretty new compared to a lot of my music. Although I think a lot of people would consider a 7-yr-old song to be pretty old.

This song has been on repeat many times: They Might Be Giants - Fingertips (All alone, all by myself)
Is this true?
- No, I've never put any individual fingertip on repeat. Nor the collective group of them, either, now that I think of it.

I never really liked this song THAT much: They Might Be Giants - Richards on Richards (live @ North Six, new years' 2006)
Is this true?
- Not at all, I love the song in general, and the introduction to this version is super-amazing (Goldie Goldwasser, ftw!)


  • zouljiin

    Happy Friendiversary! You and Jade are two of the coolest chicks I have ever seen-briefly-at-a-concert (which is replacing the word 'met'). And I think your individual coolness increases exponentially when you are together. So, high fives all around! And it may be useful to add that I have already observed Fool's Day by declaring that Egg Salad Sandwich is the capital of Wyoming. And with that, I am satisfied. :)

    Abr 2 2008, 3h34
  • zeppyfish

    Egg Salad Sandwich is indeed the capital of Wyoming, AND it's on special for 99 cents. Also, I am proud of you for considering your cool TMBG-listening science teacher a friend, since I'm a semi-cool, TMBG-listening drama teacher, and we need all the friends we can get! Speaking of which, you & Jade are so damn happy, it's pretty infectious, so whenever I come over here and read your little interactions, I end up feeling happy, no matter what kind of awful political stuff was swirling around the car radio previous to this moment. Also, the same thing seems to happen with zoul & pretty much any of the nonagons. These are people who rock!

    Abr 2 2008, 22h56
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