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Abr 6 2009, 7h36

Sat 4 Apr – Evergrey

Saturday i went to see Evergrey play at the Biebob in Vosselaar (Belgium), this is one of the only two shows they're doing (the other one being in the Netherlands), and it was one hell of a show!

The opening act was Manic Movement, a band from my own town (Geraardsbergen, Belgium), this is a female fronted band and they were ok, great musicians but the girl doing the singing didn't convince me, maybe they'll do better at Graspop later this year.

Still, their cover of Sting's song RUSSIANS was excellent, her voice worked alot better on this song then the others, but then again, i like Sting so i might not be unbiased here.

Evergrey however, kicked ass, i've only seen Evergrey once before (on Graspop) a long time ago, so i was looking forward to this gig.

The setlist was excellent, songs like Nosferatu, I'm Sorry, Blinded...

I had a blast! Excellent way to spend a saturday :)

As usual, pictures!
Evergrey: European Tour 2009 - Biebob, Vosselaar


  • SpeedKing75

    I beg to differ... did not like the show, and in the end I even got terribly annoyed. They were just getting drunk on stage, and I am not paying tickets to see a bunch of drunken musicians playing and singing sloppy. What a difference with the two previous gigs I saw by them at the very same Biebob, and the one at Graspop. I hope they grow up (again) - or should I say take things a bit more serious again.

    Abr 6 2009, 16h55
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