Fev 12 2012, 17h04

This year I'm FINALLY going to -
get my license
go to college for photography/video game design/graphics design/computer science/history
get a job.

AND THEN, after I save up enough pesos, I shall be venturing forth to Cal-eye-for-ni-ay. W00T!
:D Lately I've just been extremely elated/anxious about my future, I know I'm 18 and I should've been doing this a LOOONGG time ago, but these past few months I've had so many responsibilities just like.. thrown at me, so it was kinda inevitable that I had to 'grow up' in a way, does that even make sense to anyone but me? iunno. probably not. But for now I gotta go kick my dad's friends arse at Axis and Allies. schwiing


  • Galm_2

    This year I have/will: Gotten my license Going to college Fixing my kick ass truck On my second job Get a GF! However, I'm probably keeping my arse in Indi-an-er. Oh and taxes. That was fun :/

    Fev 17 2012, 8h51
  • Amanderr

    THAT JUST GAVE ME A GREAT IDEA! Once you fix your truck, you can drive to my house and pick me up, THEN WE COULD MOVE TO CALIFORNIA! Or whatever your preferred state/country is, since you're the one driving. :D Daaang, a second job? pro skillz, mang. Didn't you say last year you were working at like.. a pizza place.. or walmart? Lmao two completely different things but my memory's failing at the moment. What classes are you gonna take at college? ;o

    Fev 17 2012, 18h54
  • Galm_2

    Yes, however guns, pot, and theft made it not so fun to work there. AND I WAS THE SHIFT MANAGER AT 17! Mechanical Engineering :D

    Fev 18 2012, 5h19
  • Amanderr

    DOPE AND GUNS, PSHH, WHAT COULD GO WRONG?! You know that actually sounds like some kind of heavy metal country song... anyways. Bet you're glad to be outta that hellhole. I'm gonna put in an application at target soon.. bleegherghr Schweeett, I actually know a lot of people that went into mech. engineering. People around my neck of the woods are legitimately obsessed with cars. It's kind of frightening. xD

    Fev 23 2012, 16h40
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