Counting Tracks In Real Time?


Jun 5 2008, 15h18

I just had a bit of an idea for a way to improve the statistical tracking of Last.FM.

A lot of people post specific track count milestones in their profiles. In other words, people will often post what song they played as their 10,000th track, or 50,000th track, or so on. I myself have recently started to do this as well. However, I have no knowledge of any easy way to obtain this information. It always involves finding out EXACTLY how much tracks have been played on your profile, and then scanning back in your "recently played" list until you finally hit the specific track you're looking for.

Would it not be easier if, in the "recently played" list, we had the ability to know EXACTLY which track was that magical number? I think it may be a good idea for the Last.FM team to implement, at the very least, a milestone system that divides the "recently played" list by every 50, 100, 500, 1000, etc., tracks played. Even better would be a system that shows EACH TRACK'S UNIQUE "TRACKS PLAYED" NUMBER.

If enough people respond positively to this idea, I may approach the Last.FM development team myself with the idea. Please share your thoughts, concerns, and comments here so that I (and, potentially, the Last.FM team) have a clear understanding of everyone's viewpoints on this matter.



  • KryptoN

    The new beta site has real-time statistics, meaning once you finish listening to a track it will be added to the playcount and immediately included in all of your charts.

    Jul 14 2008, 19h46
  • Amour_Noir

    No, this is pointless, and the whole '10k track, 20k track' thing is just stupid.

    Jul 24 2008, 6h42
  • KryptoN

    And yes, I agree with Amour_Noir. The milestone thing is really pointless.

    Jul 27 2008, 19h58
  • Aman

    Well that's only the bare and practical explanation for this feature to be considered. There's a whole mess of reasons behind implementing such a thing, not limited to the advantages this would have on XML exports and the like.

    Jul 30 2008, 20h01
  • tieftonsklave

    i like the idea and if u need any written support beyond this PM me =)

    Ago 30 2008, 18h44
  • BrightEyedAshes

    i definitely agree with you. i feel like i have to keep a pretty good eye on how close/far away i am, and sometime it takes forever to count back. this is a great idea.

    Ago 30 2008, 20h29
  • LordHali

    People should listen to tracks for the music, not the playcount. But I must say, it would be kewl :P

    Set 29 2008, 18h28
  • alcopop

    I like the idea.

    Nov 5 2008, 9h11
  • Varkung

    me too, i think it would be great!

    Dez 27 2008, 18h15
  • leonardo_91

    Excellent idea, i hope someones hears to you. I would also like to find the tracks I play by day, since there are like 500 pages and it's difficult to guess in what page is which month. Would help and would be fun.

    Mar 19 2009, 21h06
  • tiejaz

    There is a page that tells you all this automatically. Don't remember the URL though.

    Abr 29 2009, 8h37
  • TechForze

    Mai 16 2009, 11h49
  • yurksemesh Enjoy

    Dez 1 2009, 11h44
  • Shinigami93

    theres a greasemonkey plugin you can use to find out the landmarks

    Abr 29 2010, 21h12
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