Jan 21 2008, 19h44

Eastern Extreme is a new electronic trio I'm in, consisting of a laptop musician (that's me), a synth player, and a bass guitarist. We play a trippy and aggressive dance music, with some electronic noise a la Merzbow thrown in there for good measure. Think Aphex Twin, Phish, Stockhausen, and a glaze of indie rock, all in one...


Check us out!


  • AxemRangers

    Namedropping Merzbow makes you cool!

    Jan 22 2008, 20h32
  • Dreetn

    Haha, combaning it with Aphex Twin and Stockhausen is like insane.

    Jan 27 2008, 23h13
  • Dorkling

    Only 40 seconds into the submariners eulogy and I'm really digging it.

    Jan 31 2008, 6h12
  • Aman

    Thanks for the comments guys! Any comments/critiques would be lovely...

    Jan 31 2008, 6h21
  • BackwardsBoy

    hey this is pretty danceable!

    Fev 9 2008, 10h34
  • Dreetn

    combinating I meant

    Fev 18 2008, 18h43
  • Aman

    No, you meant 'combining.' Nice attempt at insult, though.

    Abr 28 2008, 18h32
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