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+ My Name is Franco
+ I Like Beer and Coke
+ English Student <- (Not Anymore)
+ Ich bin ein Mensch <- (Not Anymore, I'm an Alien)
+ I like English and German
+ i hate Spanish..
+ Currently Trying to Create my Own music
+ I Play Mortal Kombat and specially Super Smash bros
+ Music has a deep impact inside my head.
+ I enjoy Cyberpunk Literature,Generally Science Fiction
+ I can't help thinking.. my english sucks
+ Music:

Favourites Genres:

(Love to Dance)
(Evil oontz oontz as i call it xD)
(3rd Genre)
(Random Radio Music)
(Recently I embraced this genre again)
(I've been Listening to this lately)
(Random Radio Music)
(Main Genre)
(Personal Ecstasy)
(Second Genre)
(I find it Hilarious XD)
(Incredibly Good <3)
(Sometimes when im on mood)
(Hehehe! Love It)
(Of Course i love this shit)
(HxC x2)
(Funny lyrics and Fun)
(not that much..)
(Sometimes I really like it)
(Club Music <3)


Ein Stern erleuchtet in der Nacht
ein kleiner Lichtblick in der Dunkelheit.
Am Horizont ein heller Schein
er weißt den Weg in die Unendlichkeit

Seele Bricht By Solitary Experiments
So why do I Love when I Still feel Pain?
When does it end, when is my work done?
Why am I lone and Why do I Feel that
I carry a Sword through a Battlefield?

Joy By VNV Nation
Evolution made us Who we are
Revolution taught us what to think
Constitution, We know right from wrong
Retribution, Time to Fight the Strong
Where is the Dark Room?
Where is the White Wall?
Where are the Helping Hands
When you’re about to Fall?

White Wall By Lights Of Euphoria

When will it be?
The second when time breaks
And eternity engulfs it, and I drown utterly?
Before the wind walks
When the leaves turn up their hands, their pallors
It is so quiet here..

Yellow Minute By Noisecontrollers
White turns Black I know
It's Light these Pictures lack
A Tree of Life that has no Leaves
I'm Feeling grief beyond belief

Torn By Seabound
I Close my Eyes to my Illusions
I Turn away from All I've Left Behind
I Kill the Pain and my Confusion
I'm not Dying anymore
I'm Waiting to be born

Waiting to be Born By Rotersand
Ich habe keine Eile Von mir fortzugehen
Ich warte eine Weile Um dir nachzusehen
Lass mich nicht vergessen
Ich kann es nicht verstehen
Vielleicht soll meine Reise Hier zu Ende gehen

Need By Neuroticfish
Now I crawl, I need Forgiveness
I know my Life is about to End
Of all the Big Mistakes I've done
The small ones will Remain
Now I Fight with Impunity
The Battle never ends
Of All the big mistakes I've done
The small Ones will Remain

Mono:Overload? By Icon of Coil
I can feel the cold hand of Death, and the End drawing near..
I've seen Gods of the men, and all which they Fear..
Sing to me Songs of the Darkness
Farewell to Heaven, my friend
Come to me, Bury your Sorrow
Temptation await the Condemned..

Poltergeist By Zatox
I could be Fine and yet I strive,
As though I'm Tumbling down
This endless hole.
I know I'd like to Lead my Life,
Feeling that I'm Really in Control.
I will look on as Time just Flies,
Content that I never ever might be Whole.
I Feel so down and yet would Rise,
But I'm too Scared that I might Fall.

Control By Mind.In.A.Box
Don't compensate -- Imitate
Don't compensate -- Operate
A Plastic World, Everyone wants a Model Look-Alike
A Plastic World , No one cares how you look Inside

Plastic World By Colony 5
Set me free
I've no Faith in Anything I see
Look at what you've done with your Dishonesty
Leave me be
I don't need your callous Sympathy
For I'm not as Weak as I Appear to be.

Locked Away By Lost Signal
With Their wicked words They’ll try to Hold you Down
No This is not our Fate; The Lives in which They are Bound
And There is Something more We know it has to be Found
I know the World won’t wait, The tide is Turning Around…
And There’s not enough Time…

Not Enough Time By Cosmic Gate
1 For the Children that Dread the Lights at Night
2 For the Instinct that Defines us What we are
3 For the Times this Snake will shed his Skin
4 This Picture my Life once was Framed in
5 For the Times I've got my Second Score
6 For the Times you made me Come Back for even more
6 is the Number that Comes Back Again and Again
6 now You've Lost Control and Woke the Beast Within

Sacred and Profane By Pride and Fall
Did I Disappoint you?
Did I let you Down?
Did I stand on the Shore And watch you as you drowned?
Can you Forgive me? I never knew..
The pain you carried Deep inside of you.

Dissapoint By Assemblage 23
We will Fight and We will Fail and the Sun will Always Rise
And I'm Beyond tTme now
We will Fade aAay in the Arena of Life
And I'm Beyond Time

Sojourner By Liquid Divine
Dont you see that Its your Weary Search
For Happiness that makes you Feel so Down
That makes you Feel so Sad,
Try the Other way, Keep Empty
Just turn away From Love,
Just dont Apply your Mind
And you can Stop the Fall

Stop the Fall By Absurd Minds

Wash this
Blood from my Hand
I feel so Hollow
Save me now From these Mistake I've made
I am Drowning In Sorrow

Hollow By Cesium 137
We go Forward...
Forward, We go Forward
To see what lies Behind
Our endless Dreams of Progress
Will be our Guiding Light

Forward By Angels & Agony
We want Revolution,we want Revolution
Constant Evolution,constant Evolution
Start your Engines,blow your Fuses
Burn the Bridges for the Future
This is our Solution

We Want Revolution By Covenant

He doesn't Love you, He doesn't Understand
How much he Hurts you , You live at His command
And He will never be able to Give you the Love that you Need
The Way that you Deserve,Just when He Wants you
You're there for him to serve
He Really Thinks he is giving you Love
Every time that you Bleed

Beaten By Namnambulu
I will find a way to Hurt you
On a pretext I will Leave
I've no Choice but to Surprise you
You stole the Air I Breathe
I will Find a way to Hurt you
Disappear into the Night
Here's your Ghost Town, here's your Shadows
Fading out of Sight

The Flight (Lux) By Edge of Dawn
Just stop
Let Ages pass Without you
Just be Forgotten like You never were there
Remain in Ashes, In our Minds
Never let the Future get to Know You

Outside Acts By Z Prochek
Increasing Energy
Recess Velocity
The count goes on to.. 1, 2, 3, 4
Here I Stand Planted in this World,Waiting
I see... Atmopheric Extinction
Leading to.. Planetary Revolution
All the while Threatening Annihilation
Facing a Possible Duration

Red Shift By Ayria
And I realize There is No Peace of Mind
Awake to see there is No remedy in sight
Unwind me from This Cruel Reality
Until my Kingdom comes to Reign over me

Earthling By Frozen Plasma

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