The Mission,O2 Academy Brixton, London, United Kingdom:An Excellent Evening


Out 23 2011, 18h40

Sat 22 Oct – The Mission, Fields of the Nephilim, Gene Loves Jezebel

This was an eargerly-awaited gig for The Mission 's 25th anniversary.It turned out to have been worth the wait,I reckon.Opening act Gene Loves Jezebel played pretty well and got quite a few of the crowd joining in on songs like Desire-even down to the accompanying moves!
The Fields Of The Nephilim came next and a few more people appeared for their set-a competently played set with a good mix of newer stuff and older numbers, all delivered to the setting of plenty of dry ice atmospherics.I enjoyed the blend of McCoy's own brand of mysticism with the underlying energy of the songs-especially on slow-builder Forever Remain and the (dare I say it?) danceable Psychonaut Lib III.
The Mission are an act I've seen before and from that I was expecting a well-played set and expectations were definitely met there.Wayne Hussey ,a very good guitarist and an engaging frontman,got us singing along straight from the first song and turned the mic to give vocal duties to the crowd more than once-and what a buzz it was joining the whole auditorium in singing the outro to Deliverance.It made a big and positive difference to have Simon Hinkler adding his own characteristic touches to the guitaring.
Craig Adams played driving,tight bass all evening and even gave us a short vocal with the entertainingVigilante Man.The only low point was the mix falling apart on The Crystal Ocean,though that was possibly beyond the band's direct control.The setlist was full of older favourites like Wasteland,Serpent's Kiss and
Tower Of Strength,which was welcome enough and fitted the line up.Wayne gave us a solo rendition ofLike A Child Again at the start of the encore.
The news earlier in the show that the three of them,Adams,Hussey,Hinkler,plan to tour next year as well was extremely welcome-and well-received!Here's to next year's shows.Cheers!


  • jedimulder24

    Good shout bud. Bit slow off the mark with my journal's of late, so good to see someone else in there so quick! An awesome night, well worth the sore feet & stiffness today! Here's to next year...

    Out 23 2011, 19h13
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