80s 90s metal aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh accoustic alco thrash atmospheric black metal austrian autofahrmusik avantgarde black metal black-metal with the fire-speed of a mg42 and the power of heavy ship-artillery blackcore blackened death metal brazillian british british metal brutal death metal brutal melodic death metal buttercore canadian metal celtic metal classic rock comedy core cover dark metal death metal deathcore deathgrind depressive black metal epic pagan metal erhabene deutsche tonkunst everybody against everybody metal faroese fat riffs and heavy shit female fronted metal finnish metal folk metal forest black metal french german bands german thrash metal goat metal greek grindcore hardcore heavy metal hungary ithyphallic metal latvia lithuanian melodic death metal melodic hardcore melodic metal melodic thrash metal metal metal cover metalcore metallica cover metroid prime mgames norwegian black metal pagan folk pagan metal pirate metal podcast maniac porngrind progressive folk metal progressive metal quirin band referring to tim johnson rock rockabilly metal rocky russian black metal saufmusik scottish metal sodom songs to kill to sonic soundtrack soundtrack to the apocalypse spanish viking metal sssssssssllllllllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrr swedish black metal swedish blackened death metal swedish metal swiss technical death metal the biggest music title needs the biggest tag so it does not sound like a good tag the rocker thrash metal thrashcore title is a full sentence trollmetal true norwegian black metal ungarian meta videogame music viking metal zelda