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Try our label. It has 0 calories.

Support DIY musicians and video artists. Find out more about our label through the Zilch Records group, just click on our icon. Click the red icon, bottom right, and you will get our radio station. Go ahead, just click it, come on, click the red square. It's just a square. Go ahead, click it.


Click on any image and it will link you to the aforementioned tag station already in progress.

Years ago I had a dj friend hand me a few 12" records. They were all 2 step records. I was somewhat familiar with 2 step but not enough. After listening to these records I became infatuated with the beats being used in these songs. To me it was the newest form of dance music (concerning beats at least) or the oldest form rather. What I mean by that is this...there seemed to be a touch of just about every type of dance music within this style. I heard hip hop, DnB, house, breakbeat, nu breaks, broken beat, everything. I am constantly seeking out music that uses these similar beats. Some people use the term broken beats. I simply call them step beats or .

I started tagging 2 step, UK Garage and Dubstep tracks with the Petrol Soul Steppers tag.

After that I found that there were a lot slower step tracks that needed to be sifted through. This search guided me to Glitch Hop, which really has progressed more into , a newer less vocal spawn from hip hop that included the step beat. This inevitably turned me onto a renewed love of old school hip hop, early electro and dub hop. This spawned the electglitchdubhop tag.

Naturally, listening to old hip hop and early electro got me to start stumbling upon old and new breakbeats and new school breaks, which spawned the Cadenza Thump tag. Cadenza = South African informal a fit or convulsion. Thump = To give a thump or thumps; to strike or fall with a heavy blow; to pound. [1913 Webster]. Somehow I figured these two words would become my breakbeat tag.

A fourth fuzion tag that kinda grew out of the last three is

A wee bit later, I started breaking things down even more using these three tags and a few others to start re-defining, re-promoting and sometimes actually creating sub-genres of breakbeats, step beats, hop beats and so on and so on. I got a bit interested particularly in the 4 sub-genres listed below and thought it would be nice to create a playlist/tag that sported the four. Somehow, through my own system of word jambling, I came up with .
...there before his eyes....should appear the slip cube brotha bunny bringing on the fears with his green and orange lazer and two tall bunny ears...

There are 4 sub-genres represented in the above tag. The first is trip-house.

This led to a very much needed sticky, nappy, funky Cornrow breaks

This then lead to a fairly new genre that we had been working on called . Synthop was being promoted on Electlitchdubhop and we wanted to add it to one of the four selections for Homeys Slip Cube Shindy. It seems to help balance this tag out quite a bit.

In the midst of these new found sub-genres and fun new playlist tag there arose a sub-genre that is truly in my top 10, probably top 3 favorite sub-genres, Acid-Step. The tweakyness with the broken step beat is almost too much to take. This is truly one of the strongest genres I have been a part of in its creation.

While working on Homeys Slip-Cube Shindy, I was listening to an artist on the Broken Fader Cartel label. While listening I came across a song that reminded me of Rice Krispies. On a whim I started the tag Rice Krispy Treats and came up with 4 sub-genres that I believed fit the sound of this new tag. This tag instantly led to a series of breakfast food playlists.

The first sub-genre, and I believe this is a SilverlagE original, that arose from the above tag was the subtle clicky clocky .

That one lead straight into Synthbreaks.

Having listened to much dubstep during this time, I began to notice a harder, tekier and grungier dubsound emerging that I appropriately labeled .

A wee bit later I realized we needed a bit more tweek in this crackle so I added acid-breaks, Even though this genre had been around for quite a while, I believe my hand picked tracks were worth the listen.

...thus summing up each of the 4 sub-genres of the snap, crackle, pop playlist.

Once I started using cereal as a playlist name I realized it was the perfect platform for showcasing this step, hop, break music research. Naturally the next cereal to use was one of my all time favorites Fruity Pebbles.

Creating new playlists to host 4 more sub-genres was starting to become heavy and taxing. I was putting a little more thought into this and not acting with such compulsive traits as before. This one was perfect and surprisingly not used enough as a tag, .

This next tag has been used for over twenty years. You know what it is you just don't use the term break-house

So the next tag is one of my favorites. How can you not have fun with a name like...

Next was the experimental noise-step.

Well, it seemed I was on a roll with fun and crunchy cereal names, so, I pushed in another playlist...called it Boo Berry

The four sub-genres that were added to this blue ghosts playlist quickly populated it starting with Glitch Breaks.


You be the judge of Jazz-Skip

The last genre of the blue cereal's playlist is nothing new, just redefined

As the crunchy cereal idea was working out very nicely there had to be a playlist with none other than the seafarer Captain Crunch

We spiked the punch on this one.

The first sub-genre to spawn forth for the Captain Crunch playlist was our own original Cybreaks*

I wanted a tag that meshed the following styles of breaks into one area of listening:
I. Roboticized - II. Space Technologized - III. Psychedelic - IV. Cyber-Industrial - V. Science Fiction Breaks of any kind and VI. Robot Funk.

The next genre that was added to this crunchy playlist was a branch off of Glitch Hop. Many songs from the aforementioned genre had moved away from the traditional hip hop beat and developed into a slowed down broken beat style. It was time to start pushing Glitchstep

Next I wanted to add an older genre that died out in the 90's. There was a period when house and hip hop had merged. It has been called Rap House and Hip House, so, just to be a little different I started my own and tagged it *

The last sub-genre to be featured was meant to contrast Cybreaks. The very earthy Tribal-Breaks was selected.

The next tag/playlist is Lucky Charms

Lucky has 4 great sub-genres that I can't wait to share.

Up and ready in the first block is . This sub-genre was a forerunner to Dubstep. It was originally referred to as but the former name was what stuck and to this day still does.

Next up is an original. It is uplifting and offers a taste of synthy-synthpop music with a pop and lock beat. Have a taste of *. You won't regret it.

The third rising genre is not glitch hop but *. The lines between this genre and are sometimes grey.

Now to finish this playlist off right we added the raw and the gritty .

K, so, having used the majority of our favorite kids cereals we though we would move on to other ideas saved in our memory bank. Still wanting to stick to the 'breakfast' theme we pulled out the wacky and willy children's story book that everyone loves, Green Eggs and Ham. Adults and children alike love the story and it just seemed to fit. Click on the images below if you would like to check out this crafted playlist/ tag. Then go down further and explore the 4 sub-genres connected with the aforementioned tag.

It really blows me away how the broken/step beat has crossed just about all areas of electronic music, even . So, next I present to you

and finally

Now that we had moved away from the crunchy cereal playlists to more nourishing breakfast foods we decided that would be the name for our next playlist/tag.



was a natural "next" after Crepes.


I decided to go back to using cereal as playlists but knew it would be a lot cooler if I used retro cereals like below and the sub-genres that made the cut.

Can you tell I'm getting tired?

The next playlist was the very old crunchy cereal called



An old school crunchy cereal called Kaboom was next on the list, however, that tag was taken and we had to call it .

Now as we continue on with the cereal theme we bring in a nemesis cereal. One that we find to be very interesting.
The tag/hub , the nemesis of Sir Grape Fellow is featuring some very interesting tags.




Now, this new playlist, , below is just too tripingly funny to pass up .

It features these sub-genres in music.

Next is really one of my favs. It features the old with the new and it's .

This third one I find so interesting. It is where synth music really got moving and incorporated with many progressive rock acts, it's

Then came .

Now the opposite of electronstep would be . Check !t and see how it fairs.

Not the latest playlist but an interesting one in the least.. .

The first to test is the sub-genre later mutated as

Then or

We wanted a modern electro station our way so we created .


Next is

Click the image and slurp....

This one features...


*Original Sub-Genre
**Art by sunecho
***Art and photo by Jovian Dreams
to be continued...

"The times that we live in, they may be chronologically new but they are not unprecedented." Ravi Zacharias

"The thing about music that gets me---- it is ageless if done right. I get tickled when I hear a song from my parent's generation and realize they had the same angst and concerns as we did- and my kids do - and their kids probably will. Life just stumbles on, despite electronic and subsonic and even nanotechnology. We are all and have always been - just humans - trying to figure things out on our own terms and coping with our own problems as best we can. But for some reason we think that we are the first - or even the ONLY- ones who ever had such dilemmas. NOPE> and if we would only just listen- we would learn from the whispers of generations past."
John T. Mcneill

I love the following instruments. They move my soul. Sitar Bagpipes Shennai Harpsichord

Below are some videos I've made.

Video Glitch on Vimeo
Silverlage's YouTube Channel
Amalgama (This is the video for the album)
Separation Anxiety Continuum (Rinse Version)
SilverlagE on Vimeo

Here is a great link to a bunch of retro kids cereals

Stop using the big 'G' search browser. It is part of this worlds demise. Start using startpage.

Oh my! Here are some great retro ads circa 1050

Playlist Page I
Page II
Page III
Page IV
Page V
Page VI
Page VII
Page IX
Page X
Page XI
Page XII

to be cont'd...

"Do not think that I came to bring peace on the earth; I did not come to bring peace, but a sword. For I came to set a man against his father, and a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law; and a man’s enemies will be the members of his household. He who loves father or mother more than Me is not worthy of Me; and he who loves son or daughter more than Me is not worthy of Me. And he who does not take his cross and follow after Me is not worthy of Me. He who has found his life will lose it, and he who has lost his life for My sake will find it."

(ĭ-lĕk-trĭs'ĭ-tē, ē'lĕk-)
a.The physical phenomena arising from the behavior of electrons and protons that is caused by the attraction of particles with opposite charges and the repulsion of particles with the same charge.
b.The physical science of such phenomena.
2.Electric current used or regarded as a source of power.
3.Intense, contagious emotional excitement.

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A list of albums featuring the Mellotron

This is what my personal message would be if I were to die today.
"I don't know exactly what I was trying to do or achieve. I don't even know exactly what I was searching for. But I do know that I was supposed to be doing it and I do know that I am not supposed to stop."

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