• I don't give a flying.

    Nov 4 2011, 8h26

    In my opinion Thu 3 Nov – Children of Bodom, The Fading was a huge success. Children of Bodom played almost every single hit. Well I belive maybe Everytime I Die was missing but overall the playlist was awesome. It felt good, there was a good connection between the crowd and the band and I think the band had as much as fun as we did. You could've heard the crowd sing along to almost every single song and especially to the last song which was Hate Crew Deathroll which had this sing-a-long part that they use to do almost every time in their shows!
    Alexi and Janne played almost all the solos perfectly, they had a few fuck-ups here and there and few changes going on as almost every single musician does in a live show, but it doesn't matter, it was pretty fucking good!
    I hope they'll come again sometime and I'm certain, I'll be there for sure.
  • Bring Me The Horizon @ the Barbi.

    Jul 7 2011, 21h42

    Wed 6 Jul – Bring Me The Horizon was wicked.
    Sound was okay, even though it was a bit too loud. (remind me to get myself some ear plugs for the next show!) setlist was good, highlights were: Chelsea Smile, Pray for Plagues, It Never Ends & Fuck.
    I think that only thing I didn't like about the show was the fact that too many
    people climbed on the stage and interfered in the middle of the show to hug & kiss Oliver while he was trying to sing he's parts, I mean, its cool, get on the, hug him, kiss him, tell'em you love him and w/e, but don't ruin it..
    I really wanted to hear Home Sweet Hole but the overall show was okay without it too.
    And with this said, I hope they'll come back to Israel sometime, because I know for sure that I'll be there!