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  • thousandjulys

    Enjoyable read.(no surprise) MMJ was a turd for sure. I thought the same thing about the new Castanets but hey its Castanets and so I kept going back to it and I grew to appreciate it. I know Chad V produced that Women album, been meaning to check it out. Also, Desolation Wilderness caught my eye, need to check that out. I miss you man. Wish we could debate this in person. Happy New Year!!

    Jan 1 2009, 0h05
  • thousandjulys

    oh yeah almost forgot. whats your beef with nada surf? they do what they do well. there are sooooooooooo many other shit bands you could give a hard time. I respect 'em/

    Jan 1 2009, 0h09
  • AdmiralHappy

    yeah, i guess i was a bit harsh... the castanets wasn't worthless, but i was *really* disappointed with it. same with mmj. i give nada surf grief not because i hate them, but cause i love them. let go is still one of the best things i've ever heard, almost seven years after it came out. i love their music and them as a band and as people, but each new album they put out feels more and more distant. i dunno, these things happen to bands after a while; i'm just grateful they were so awesome at one point to create such an amazing album. dude! you should come out here sometime when the weather gets nicer... i'll be back in sc in the spring to see my sister graduate, in late may maybe? we'll definitely have to hang out then, debate the new crop of '09 tunes :P. i'm headed down to pdx to party with thom tonight and see starfucker, hope you're up to fun new years hijinks in the southeast, too. catch you next year, man.

    Jan 1 2009, 1h08
  • lastbroadcast

    agree with you both about the M83 album (didn't expect to like it, seeing as i usually find him/them kinda iffy at best....but then i saw him perform the album this summer in a church, of all places, and i was hooked. i think it's a top for the album i listened to most obsessively this year.) and my beloved chad van gaalen. he deserves so much more love/recognition than he gets. good to see someone else find him and love him. i have never heard the whole MMJ album, and i refuse to do so. i want to keep my good memories of jim james intact.

    Jan 3 2009, 2h35
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