Chapter 2: The Martyr of Valhalla *26 FREE Nerdcore tracks*


Nov 8 2010, 3h46

In a parallel dimension filled with powerful magic, there has been an intergalactic war raging between humanity and a race of demons for thousands of years. Humanity is losing the war. This story begins on present-day Earth through the eyes of Adam Zivojnovich, a high-school nerd, obsessed with movies, and . This parallel Earth is identical to the earth we all know. Magic exists, but the people of Earth are isolated from the rest of the universe, most do not even believe there is life anywhere else in the universe. The people of earth have not discovered how to use it and harness its energy. Until now...

Chapter 2: The Martyr of Valhalla
The Martyr of Valhalla picks up right where Chapter 1: The Fall of Earth left off...

DIE IN A FIRE (Farewell Earth)
Adam Zivojnovich is... Adam Sapphire in... Return of The RL Loser Kid
Under The Influence
The tale of Brickshoe: Stomper of Faces (Dungeons and Dragons)
Suicide Letter (Things Couldn't Be Better)
Gently (Slipknot)
Transmissions from a Dead Planet: Memories are Treachery
Smote Demons Everyday
Beastmaster (Ride Godzilla, Create Disaster)
I <3 Female Assassins ( TAP DAT ASS ASS SIN)
Sapphire Edge: The Gift of Hope
Sinking Slave Ships
Guitarmy (The Blood Brothers)
Cherry Soda (Jaguar Love)
Vinyl Fantasy: Opening Theme
Vinyl Fantasy: Release My Bankai (Motherfuckers Die)
Vinyl Fantasy: The Crystal Tower
Vinyl Fantasy: The Demon Slave World
The Final Frontier: Science/Reality/The_Dream
Sapphire Edge: I'll place my faith in this blade (Sapphire Magic)
Adam and (the) Eve
The Martyr: Complete and Utter Failure / Winter Recovery System
Reformat Me (10000 Years in The Soulwell)
When Skeletons Live: Eulogy of The Martyr of Valhalla/Tribute to The Amory Wars
Elohim, is it only a dream?

“This is the battle that made me a legend… after Earth was destroyed Valhalla was my home, and once again the demons took that away from me. It’s not a story i like to recount. After years of fighting, and killing my way up the vast and reclusive hierarchy of demon leadership they finally had enough. They gathered there fleet from every corner of the multiverse. Let me make make this perfectly clear, their ENTIRE fleet. Although we destroyed as many of the ships as we could before they reached the island there were still millions of ships left, filled with trillions of demons. The weakened shield protected us from being obliterated from orbit for the destroyers, but it did nothing to stop the endless swarms of ground troops. Keep in mind that even at its apex the Seven Kingdoms had maybe a million citizens, and its important to note that a large portion of these people were still in the process of being trained, and it also included there families, many of which had little, or even no magic inclination. During the decline this number had dwindled down to somewhere between three-quarters and half a million. So we were hopelessly outnumbered. But we had no choice but to fight, every man women and child who could wield a weapon or a spell. We all knew that there would be no prisoners, they would kill every single last one of them. We fought day night, twenty-four hours a day, sleeping in shifts if we could (more accurately we were passing out do to due the overwhelming exhaustion). Everyone fought valiantly,but one by one the Kingdoms fell. After the first week only my Sapphire Kingdom still stood. We cut through millions upon millions of demons, their bodies piled in mountains around us, almost like sandbags, but it never stopped, never let up. It was like a nightmare we couldn’t wake up from… I don’t know how many weeks I stayed awake fighting, getting maybe a moment of sleep here and there as my friends protected me. Slowly even the strongest of my friends and allies fell, first it was Viktor… then Edge, dying in his brothers arms… James was the last, we fought together in shifts for… i don’t know how long… but eventually it was only me. I fought and fought and fought until I mind my was shattered, my body completely broken. Every single other human was dead, every man, women and child… I knew that I couldn’t win this battle, but I had to make them pay… from this, for Earth, for everything… I summoned up all the strength i possibly could, from myself, from the island, from all my fallen comrades. The explosion tore my body and soul apart, obliterated everything, every Destroyer, every last one of those motherfuckers…”


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