Cro-Mags, 12/27/08 - Fantastic


Jan 20 2009, 5h35

This was genius--after spending the late 80s listening to a trashed cassette copy of "Age of Quarrel," I feel REALLY fortunate to have caught John Joseph in one of his rare Cro-Mags incarnations--with original drummer Mackie Jayson and a couple other NYHC vets--a guy from Leeway and somebody else, I forget who. They were fantastic though, and they KNOW what they did that was good--they played practically that whole first album (as opposed to the goofy metal stuff that came after), plus a cover of "Right Brigade" by Bad Brains, which fucking kicked ass, as well as a half-assed cover of "Teenage Wasteland" by The Who, which I got a kick out of anyway. God it was great.

The opening bands were great too--Cruel Hand, Colin Of Arabia, and Death Before Dishonor. Another brilliant show at Anchor's Up in Haverhill, MA. The proprietor, Josh, does a fantastic job.


  • AdRock1

    Update: saw virtually the same show, one year later, in Worcester. Still rules. This time it was Cro-Mags, DBD, Cruel Hand, and Reign Supreme. And this time, instead of a half-assed Who cover, Cro-Mags did a completely respectable Sabbath cover. RULED.

    Dez 29 2009, 16h24
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