Slapshot, 11/08/08 - Kick-ass!


Nov 9 2008, 6h08

Sat 8 Nov – Return of Slapshot
Unfortunately I missed the opening bands, and got there just after Slapshot got started. They fucking tore it up though! Anchors Up is this small space in the basement of Welfare Records in Haverhill, Mass.--couldn't have been a lot more than 100 people there. It was so crowded (except for the wide-open pit in front of the stage) and hot and humid that water was dripping off the I-beams across the ceiling. Anybody who wanted a shot at the mike just had to get up near the stage--Choke handed it off repeatedly. It was totally old-school--Choke shooting the shit with the crowd in between songs, and the pit loose, violent at times, and totally positive. I haven't been to a show like this in at least 15 years--"Old Tyme Hardcore"! "Crossover Sucks"!! (They played both.)

People can say hardcore is dead all they want--Slapshot themselves say it regularly--but I'm taking my old bones to bed tonight happy knowing it's still out there.

Hey, news flash: Last thing Choke said is that they'll be at the Middle East in Boston on Dec. 28 with The Mighty Mighty Bosstones. HELL YEAH!


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