Rise Against, 10/11/08 - Okay


Out 13 2008, 17h41

Sat 11 Oct – Rise Against, Alkaline Trio, Thrice, The Gaslight Anthem
The crowd was really into this show, but I basically thought it was so-so. I don't know if it was where I was standing, but during RA, the sound was kind of muffled/distorted. Ton of college kids there too. Thrice was probably the most interesting band, with a set that included a cover of "Helter Skelter."


  • andrewchoy

    I actually went for Thrice. I think they should have gotten a longer set. I am not sure why, but Alkaline Trio bored me. Rise Against was much better than expected though, they are a very high energy live band.

    Out 13 2008, 19h00
  • AdRock1

    Actually I came in partway through Thrice's set, so I didn't even get the full effect. Another problem for me was having my 9-year-old son on my shoulders, which were KILLING me by the time RA came on; so I wasn't in the ideal frame of mind. I'm afraid he's going to have to grow a little before I start taking him to shows that *I* want to enjoy...

    Out 14 2008, 0h41
  • peteostro

    Good show. The main mic was screwed up for a while during the RA set. When it was fixed every one near the front was going crazy. As usual the pit opened up huge so less people started danced but over all it was a fun show. The Band was very energized and helped keep the crowed in it. With all the shit happening in the world today this show could have caused a nice riot, but you cant have every thing. At least the bouncers kept out of the way. I cant wait to see RA again and the casino is a great place for a big show

    Out 16 2008, 15h33
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