1960s french pop 1960s girl groups 1960s pop ahead of their time all the people i like are those that are dead all time best of the british artists i wish i had seen live avant-garde baroque best of factory best of rough trade best of wales best peel sessions classic rock classical composers conventional boredom dated diy early music early rock eccentrics electronic experimental female vocalists folk free jazz french garage rock german girl punk glam rock greatest ever producers greatest ever solo artists greatest of the very great greatest operatic voices of all time greatest punk harpsichord heavenly and other worldly guitars industrial italian japanese japrock korean koreanrock krautrock legends of legends lengthy songs of emotional beauty with long song titles lyrical genius magnificent instrumentals manchester so much to answer for masters of classical mavericks modern classical more punk and anarchistic than punk itself most interesting of the eighties most interesting of the fifties most interesting of the nineties most interesting of the seventies most interesting of the sixties most original and interesting modern music music is a art new wave no wave noise rock oldies opera organs to stay alive for otherworldly aliens outspoken piano pioneers poets of music post-punk post-rock progrock proto-punk psychedelic punk punk attitude reasons to be against the nineties renaissance rock n roll romantic russian seen live singer-songwriter soprano soulful soundtrack spacerock spanish spiritual synth pop tenor the best of cherry red timeless traditional underheard and underappreciated legends vocal group