• What do you hope Sonos bring in the future??

    Mar 25 2011, 19h52

    (For those who dont know;

    Sonos is full of awesomeness already, but what should the next step be?

    I have a few ideas:

    Possibly the ability for a new Controller to control other things than just Sonos (as in, build in IR or making a dedicated ir-to-wifi adapter you place were your stereo system is, then fiddle with the controller so the software turns out to work as a remote too, kind of like Thinkflood RedEye).

    A USB stick with build-in router abilities, so you can setup Sonos even without having a router. Also giving the ability to stream any kind of audio from the PC trough your other Sonos equipment (like an DAC that transmits the signal to a Sonos for playback), plus adding the PCs speakers like if it was a dedicated Sonos zone (similar to ZP S5).

    Black color option for every zone, why is it only the ZP S5 we can choose it for?

    Upgrade the DAC in the next version of Sonos so the new zones can play 24bit/192khz FLAC files. 16bit/44khz is not enough for true audiophiles.
    Maybe make it as an PRO version of Sonos, more aluminum, much improved DACs and a higher price - people like to pay extra for better design and specially for better sound.

    Color options in the controller interface, blue is ok - but a black version with white text/blue lines and a white version with black text/blue lines would be awesome. Im thinking here about the background in every menu, both on iOS, Android and CR.

    A version of the ZP90 that only have a headphone out in the front, im thinking same size as the BR100 and truly wireless like the WD100.
    Or just a ZP90 and/or ZP120 with added hp out, its so strange its only the S5 that have it, cant imagine why you would buy a speaker to use headphones...

    Upgraded BR100 to use same network speeds as all the other zones!

    A wireless dock adaptor for iOS devices, to use on maybe a iPad or a iPod Nano, makes the WD100 obsolete

    Integrated radio, scrobling is ok, but listening is better

    RFID/NFC in zones making it possible to let the music follow you, not just playing in every zone all over the house - but actually switch zones on and off with the tracks you are currently listening to as you come closer/further away from zones.
    Could be build into a new version of the CR, the mentioned USB dongle, wireless iOS adaptor and android/iOS app for phones that have NFC (iPhone 5/Nexus S)

    What else would you like Sonos to bring??

    Discuss here or on Flickr:
  • Now on Ping

    Dez 15 2010, 2h33

    I just started a Ping profile in iTunes' new Ping service, kind of like, just not yet as clever - I <3!

    Find me in Ping as "D. B. Hansen"
  • apt-X, a new kind of wireless

    Jul 14 2010, 0h39

    What, Hi-Fi?

    I have had the opportunity to mini-test out a new kind of wireless audio adapter, called the QED uPlay.

    The uPlay is based on the (at the moment) very new apt-X bluetooth standard, a standard that allows you to send audio in (what they claim to be) uncompressed CD quality!

    I'm not familiare with how they achieve it, but after playing around with it today I have to say the goal is not that far away.

    The uPlay look a bit like a mini-UFO, black, round and blinking.
    Blinks green until it connects then the blinking stops and it just light up in green - should I recommend QED a small thing here I would love to see the LED in blue, hence the bluetooth technology.
    Connects trough mini-jack with/without RCA phono adapter attached + supplied power brick, almost bigger than the actual device...

    How does it sound?

    First out of the box it sounds extremely hard and extended crisp!
    After a little tuning on the EQ in SongBird I think I got it right, now it sound pretty decent. In special quite surprised about the bass level, witch is a common problem on other wireless devices, that the bass end up thin and boring, not here, have quite a punch and warm sound.
    I would call it a commonly known good sound, the way it plays, comparable to cheaper cables.

    Any problems, Sir?

    A disturbing problem is that whenever I have switched audio output, to A/B test against my usual cabled connection, the uPlay have in the meantime lost connection and can't really find it again.
    I had to delete it from my connected bluetooth menu and search for it manually all over again.
    Sometimes though, it did find the connection but skips badly...
    Am testing in the middle of the night so I am pretty much sure it's not an interference problem, don't know what it is, but nice it isn't.

    Up to snuff?

    To say it in short, YES!
    If QED could get rid of the connection issue it would be an great product, now it's just a nice alternative to cheaper audio cables.
    Does not have the warm sound a good cable can give, and compared to my usual DAC not even close the same perspective and 3D sound.
    But wat it doe's do is to deliver a connection the common office/student would be more than happy with!
    The frequency response have a great coverage and makes you forget it's wireless, which must say to be a goal, giving you a feeling that it's all about music and not equipment!

    Bench test

    I have listened with first of all AAC iTunes PLUS 256 kbit compressed files AND FLAC quality 0 full range files, no compression what so ever.
    The AAC files no problem at all, and surprisingly the same I can say about the FLAC's!
    Even compared with the AAC I seem to hear more details in the FLAC, the uPlay don't hides it all.

    The DAC I compared it to is my NAD C565BEE dual differential CD-Player, connected to my 2010 Mac Mini Server with an Van Den Hul OptoCoupler.
    The CD player is then connected to my NAD C165BEE PreAmp with Van Den Hul The First Ultimate MK II, the QED is connected to the same PreAmp with the supplied cable adapter.
    Listened trough my Denon AH-D2000 reference headphones.


    In the whatever program you use to playback audio, take a little time to adjust the EQ when you use the uPlay.
    If you don't do it, then expect your ears to get tired of listening faster than normal, due to the extreme tweeter activity out-of-the-box.


    The uPlay is surely not the audiophile listeners choice, because of the lack of warmth as a cable can give it and because of the lack of 3D sound and perspective as a good DAC can give.
    But for the common office/student environment I see it as a very serious alternative to the cheap cables you usually would find in such situations.
    With it's bluetooth heart and soul and distances up to 10 meters from the source it's possibilities are extremely many!
  • Bowers & Wilkins MM-1 computer USB speakers

    Mai 3 2010, 21h03

    I just got the chance today to take a set of brand spankling new Bowers & Wilkins MM-1 computer USB speakers home for a little review.

    First play on the new BW MM1 revels superb stereo perspective and surprisingly boomy bass line from such small speakers, never heard anything like it on speakers in this size!
    Started out with U2, Discotèque, because it has a little of everything, but is not a premium test track.
    Next on the list is Miles Davis, Someday My Prince Will Come, to test out how high pitched the tweeters might be, and again I'm, surprised, they reach just up to the edge were you tend to get annoyed but before you know it, your ears relax, and you get used to it - they are very easy to listen to.
    Third track were Hugh Masekela, The Coal Train, and here is it I realize something - this track is a super live recording so to sense the room around the band is simply amazing, if the equipment can revile it, the MM1's can not. Their depth, the 3D sound stage, could be better - and I seem to notice here when your recordings go beyond usual bass they stand out a little too punchy
    Lets test out another track that shows off the 3D sound stage well, Chris Minh Doky's edition of In A New York Minute from his anniversary recording A Jazz Life, sad to say but it sound a little flat...
    Went on listening to Sia, Breathe Me, and it makes me happy, the stereo perspective is absolutely astonishing - you though have to sit almost perfectly in the sweet spot to get the full benefit of it, if you move just a little to one side you start to notice were the sound comes from, they don't blend that much.
    Back to the stereo perspective, Pink Floyd's Money, a joy to sit in the sweet spot and get every little detail out of boxes this size, just wow.
    Must be enough with the slower tracks now, let's pump the beats up a notch.

    Dirty Vegas, Days Go By, makes me sad - way too much bass and a huge loss in the middle of midrange area, the bongo drums disappear almost completely in this sea of extended bass.
    A track like Yello's Junior B tells about whats wrong, the midrange is squeezed but the bass is extended, a pretty strange choice to take but leaves behind a super detailed tweeter with superb stereo image, so if that's what makes these stand out enough to buy there must be something seriously wrong with every other computer speakers out there.
    Perfect track to show off just how well playing they are is Prodigy Breathe, if you can stand still when listening to it there must be something wrong with you and not these speakers, perfect mix of boomy bass, super detailed high notes and cutting trough all this a sharp and distinct voice that sounds just right.
    Same could be said about Justin Timberlake, SexyBack, just the way it should sound. After listening to a lot of pop tracks, more than I have written down, I discover what could be the reason to why BW choose to make the speakers sound like this, I have a very old edition of Michael Jackson Black or White, it sounds compressed and flat - except in the bass area and top details.
    Could it be, that BW choose to extend bass and details so tracks that are compressed in the way they sound, sound better than usually on speakers like this. It makes hugely sense if you think about what people might buy them, younger people or people who have been used to listen to music on a even more compressed computer speaker set maybe even with MP3 files.
    So far I have listened to my collection of FLAC files and discovered the flaws of these speaker, but when I realized they might have these flaws for a reason I switched to my iTunes library of 256kbit AAC and it all fits now - they sound just as good as I hoped for, the faults get hidden in the details that are cut off when you compress the music to lets say, hmm 256kbit AAC maybe? ;)
    The BW MM1 is a heads-up to every company that makes computer speakers, these are not the reference, but they are pretty damn good!

    A small tip is if you still think the bass is too boomy, as I do, then choose Bass reducer in iTunes EQ and you have a pair of speakers all your friends in the office or dorm will envy you for!

    Read more about BW MM-1 here:

    *note that these are actually the best computer speakers I have ever heard, it's just that I would personally never use such thing and my reference for how music should sound goes far far beyond this level.
  • The 15K marker

    Fev 20 2010, 2h09

    I did it!

    Ehm yea, I did, I have listened to more than 15.000 tracks since I started using - but these 15.000 is only a small part of all the music I listen to.

    Let me tell you how I listen: I listen on-the-go, at work, on the radio, when I visit people and when I go to concerts.
    In other words, I listen to music every single day in most of the hours I'm awake - and most of that can not be counted.


    My main equipment are as follow:

    I listen on-the-go to my iPod Shuffle 2nd gen. as AAC 256kbps because I then can carry a whole bunch of tracks with me on it's 2GB memory.

    At home I listen on my Denon AH-D2000 headphones trough a NAD C165 pre-amplifier and soon some sort of DAC solution from my modified Mac Mini (it got a heavily upgraded hard disc, RAM, cooling solution and a black/blue makeover to match the NAD - See it here).

    At work we have our Sonos system (see our scrobbles here) and a great deal of different High-End sound systems to play around with.

    Sometimes I listen to MTV on my phone, a Nokia E71 - mostly when I am somewhere were there are no other music I need my "fix".


    How do you listen?

    I have to go, I have some music to play ;)

    Play the music!
    Because music makes people listen more.

  • Show us your Sonos system

    Jan 3 2010, 20h09

    New group on Flickr for the purpose of showing us your good looking great playing Sonos system or anything else about Sonos.

    Flick over and see what it's about here - CLICK ME :)
  • Master Gunnery Sergant

    Set 6 2009, 15h50

    Yet again I reached a new step here on - I have now since I signed up listened to more than 12.500 scrobbled tracks!
    I have actually been listening to even more, because the scrobling from my iPod Shuffle some times f*ucks up a bit, but whatever... I'm now a Master Gunnery Sergant!

    Can't be used for much and don't really makes any difference - other than it makes a difference to how my profile looks, now I have a nice new title with a sweet badge!

    Let the music play...

    Pst... If you wondered how I got that badge, you should take a look here
  • !11.111!

    Jul 4 2009, 19h20

    It's now 4th of July (congrats US) and it's a hell of hotness in Denmark at the moment (feels like melting because of very hot weather) - besides those two fact a third fact is I have now listened to 11.111 tracks since I signed up for!

    The track was this Dalminjo - This Is A Light That Never Goes Out (Cloud+Remix)

    Let the music play, remember, music makes people listen more ;)
  • 10.000th anniversary

    Jun 17 2009, 22h03

    Here I'm sitting at my desk about to be creative, and what is better than drawing when listening to music... I'm addicted, addicted to music... And what do you know - I've just listened to my 10.000th track since starting using!

    Music makes people listen more - so start listen more, enjoy the music, enjoy.

    This track was by the way 'the one':
  • U2 3D!

    Mai 19 2009, 13h48

    The who and why

    Despite the fact that there is not that much U2 in my libary here on I actually own almost any U2 song on original CD's.
    When I was younger I was a huge U2 fan, the lyrics is simple but powerfull and the rythm is great- specially the bass!

    Anyway, I had a completely amazing experience yesterday!

    The were, the what and the how

    I was in the Tycho Brahe Planetarium here in Copenhagen, not to look on stars and planets - but to get an experience kind of out of this world anyway.
    I was there to watch the movie U2 3D - but not just 3D, 3D using a curved projection screen and a very very high resolution projector typical used to project IMAX movies with!

    Not only the picture was "pixel perfect", the sound was blasting - in every way - it actually had a "feature list" outside that the speakers in the cinema is capable of producing the same amount of sound preassure as an jet fighter!
    If we return to the projector its lamp produce the same amount of heat as the surface of the sun, 6.000 degree - can fry a sausage in a couple of seconds!

    By the way, the movie is filmed during the Vertigo world tour and "surfaced" the big screen in 2008 for the first time.

    If you have'nt noticed I notice a lot of details about anything I see, hear or do...

    The experience

    Anyway - back to the movie.

    We had these kind of neat red and black "racer goggles" on, need them to see the 3D effects - and when I was asked to put them on I instantly losed my knowing of what was up and down, balance and depth to things in the real world - but when I looked at the screen it was astonishing!

    It's a lot more "real" like watching a ordinary concert movie.
    You can actually see arround amoung the audience and see how far away things pretty precise are standing, round objects DO look round and not flattened out and for short - it works!

    The level 3D cinema have got to now is very very nice!
    Now we just have to loose the goggles, despite they was actually nice designed.

    And the sound?
    The sound was as I said, blasting!
    SO much preassure and prestine signal to noise ratio making it crystal clear even at screaming volume level.
    Never heart SO many details ever before (at this HIGH level at least)....
    And you are reading a text written by a pro salesman in audio/video equipment for now 4 years... I was amazed...

    If you ever have the possibility to do anything like this, then do it!
    Might be that you can't really hear for the first twenty minutes after the "concert" and that you feel kind of odd when walking in the real world getting use to "real world graphics" depth again, but its a thing you will always remember...

    When I come back home today I have to dust off my U2 records and give it all a "listening session"....

    Let the music play!
    'cause music makes people listen more...

    Read more at IMDB