Faixas (27)
Faixa Álbum Duração Execuções
A Brief Moment of Clarity Broke Through the Deafening Hum, but It Was Too Late. 5:59 12
Buildings Began to Stretch Wide Across the Sky, and the Air Filled with a Reddish… 7:21 12
Alone and Unaware, the Landscape Was Transformed in Front of Our Eyes 8:26 11
The Soundless Dawn Came Alive as Cities Began to Mark the Horizon. 11
We Stood Transfixed In Blank Devotion As Our Leader Spoke 8:54 11
And by our own hand did every last bird lie silent in their puddles, the air barren… 1:42 11
The great leap forward poured down upon us one 6:59 11
Our Happiest Days Slowly Began to Turn Into Dust. 5:41 10
Mechanical Sounds Cascaded Through the City Walls and Everyone Reveled in Their… 11:20 10
The Sixth Extinction Crept Up Slowly, Like Sunlight Through the Shutters, as We… 19:30 10
I saw the sky in the north open to the ground and fire poured out. 7:06 10
Annihilate the sparrow, that stealer of seed, and our 8:43 10
Finally, as that blazing sun shone down upon us, did we 8:03 10
Like the howling glory of the darkest winds, this voice was thunderous and the 10:08 10
A message of avarice rained down and carried us away into false 7:11 10
Millions starved and we became skinnier and 9:54 9
Truths Arise 1:48 9
In Illusions Of Order 7:34 9
Giving Birth To Imagined Saviors 6:07 9
In Every Mind 3:05 9
A Hail Of Bombs 4:20 8
A Swarm 7:08 8
A Mutiny 5:30 8
As Each End Looms And Subsides 7:14 8
We Left The Apes To Rot, But Find The Fang Grows Within 6:35 7
Error Has Turned Animals Into Men, and to Each the Fold Repeats 5:38 7
The Fear Is Excruciating, But Therein Lies the Answer 5:38 7