• Mando Diao & The Street Team

    Fev 25 2010, 16h19

    Mando Diao. The most successful, energetic, melodic, talented band of the year 2009. We’ve all heard their hits like ‘Dance with somebody’ and ‘Gloria’ being played on the radio. But what is actually behind those songs we can all sing along with by heart now?
    I’m gonna tell you. Five talented guys from a small city called Borlänge in Dalarna, Sweden. They’ve been making music since they were little children and that is the result. A band climbing the mountain of success with every year that has passed. With an aim infront their eyes, not caring about what others say, trusting their own minds and doing whatever they want to do. Fact is their way seems to be the right one. At least I feel able to see that looking at what they have achieved during the past years. Gaining more and more fans year for year until their final break-through in 2009. But what is actually the secret, behind a success like that?

    It’s the creativity a band has with two singers and songwriters, their art, meaning them being able to combine different styles, making them new, making them Mando Diao. Their seriousity about music, their music, their fans, their street team.
    Four simply reasons explaining that miracle. But let’s explain each of those.
    People who know Mando Diao will probably agree with the fact they’re a changing band. Whenever you put a record in, you might think it is another band you are listening to, but it is actually not. It’s Mando Diao and their capability to combine and vary different styles. It’s difficult to put them into a specfic genre, as they are ways to changing to define they are Rock, Metal, Indie, Pop etc. They are none of those as I used to call it genre stucked bands who concertrade on their usual audience. They try to keep those and address new people. They combine their very own sound which is sort tattooed their DNA with something they haven’t tried before. The result a record which differs from previous but still has the common Mando Diao sound. Persuade yourself. We have 5 records and none of them sound like the other. They are all powerful, energetic and to me very inspiring and different at the same time and that’s exactly what makes them attractive. To summerize shortly:

    • Bring’ em in: Powerful, Energetic, A young band which is meant for more. A 60’s sound with something new.
    • Hurricane Bar: Great melodies&lyrics, full of energie, more grown,
    • Ode to Ochrasy: Melodic, Grown melodies&lyrics, new sound, A coherent story of tour-life, trash people, people on the lowest level of life
    • Never seen the light of day: Calm, Typically swedish, Folk, Softer, Serious
    • Give Me Fire: Dancable, Powerful, Modern, New&Old, Melodic

    They all have the same character but are different in their result. It’s comparable to a good author. He keeps his writing-style but changes the story.
    It’s the same with Mando. They keep their common sound and change the story into something new, never heard before.
    The reason for that being possible is their two singers, songwriters. Both very creative heads. The one Gustaf Norén, is the bad boy of the band. He’s the rock star. With a 5th sense for songs with full of energy.
    The other Björn Dixgård, the softer one, but no softie. He is still able to write true rock songs, as he proved us with Down in the Past and Killer Kaczynski. He has got a true ear for hits, with great lyrics and implanting melodies, as Dance with Somebody.
    Having two singers/songwriters has a couple of avantages. Those I mentioned above and the fact that the listeners won’t get tired of songs and their voices. The songs of Gustaf and Björn always differ from each other. That’s what makes them as interesting as they are.
    Another suspect is that they always take their music seriously. They focus on what’s important which is the music itself. They don’t think about success. To quote Gustaf:
    ”The idea of success kills music.”
    They write their songs with their whole heart and that’s recognizable listening to them. Full blood musicians I’d say.

    But behind every successful band there are loving fans and so are we. We are a more or less little community, supporting our favorite band in every possible way we can only think of.
    We are happy to invite you to join and see yourself. Joing the State of Ochrasy opens new door for your person you maybe haven’t thought of yet. At one side you of course can promote your favorite band which is in my eyes a wish for every fan. At the other it actually has lots of advantages for yourself. Depense on what you do though, but doesn’t matter what you will always be rewarded. Let me explain it to you.
    You’ve got two possibilities.

    • Promote Mando Diao on the street and spread the word about them, Ochrasy and the street team among others sharing the same passion.
    • Participate in Online Missions and support the band by voting, blogging etc.

    Promoting Mando Diao with others means you’ve gotta join an Ochrasy Special Unit, to shorten it SU. You will get into a group of fans which are willing to meet in regular intervals to spread flyers, put up poster and embellish your city with some nice stickers, to mention a few examples. You’ll get to know new people which are sharing the same interests, and you mostly make new friends. You get the possibility to talk to someone about Mando Diao who feels the same way you do and won’t think you are a freak.(:
    You’ll get rewarded with something extraordinary and special for every fan. Talking about Meet & Greets and/ or similar benefits. Isn’t it a great reward for a work which is actually fun?

    Participating in Online Missions means to take part in the missions you’ll find at the street team part of the side. Those missions are mostly about voting, blogging or asking your favorite radio station for your favorite Mando song. For those you’ll get points. Points which you’ll need to reach certain citizen levels like Ace, Hero and Legend. Those Levels will open a few new doors to you like getting discount on merch, entering soundchecks etc. You can read more about those on
    Those points can e.g. be used to bid for special benefits offered in several auctions, but they are also useful for other things and actually collecting them makes addicted and makes you wanting to get more.

    That organized promotion, leaded by Head Quarter, their creativity, their ear for hits and their seriousity about their music, their street team, their fans. All reasons for Mando Diao’s success.