CHHHHHHHHHHEESE GRIN - and a minor heart attack!


Abr 1 2008, 23h52

So this morning I am checking out my websites as usual and guess who wrote me a note? AMEL LARRIEUX.

[ &]


Okay, did I say AMEL?

Beyond cheesing while staring at her icon in my inbox,
I almost fell out my chair! I said to myself, "are u for real?" I winced my eyes a couple of times and then I said I gotta read the note. As I was reading it, I was playing Amel Larrieux's new album, Lovely Standards. The song I was listening to was I Like the Sunrise which was a song written by Nina Simone. Amel did a superb job in covering it. Ms. Simone would be proud!

Bless you Amel! I left a blog post for you on myspace but if others are curious to what I said I dedicated this song here to her: Heaven by BeBe and CeCe Winans. Continue to keep a spiritual connection in your life! I can TESTIFY.

Music - Heaven by BeBe & CeCe Winans

Actually, I dedicated the song also to Taalam Acey and to Maxwell.

Now be good, share the joy between you three and spread the vibe through living a full filling life! I love y'all like the air I breathe for your art truly touches me.

Man, I feel not worthy for your interaction with me because I don't want y'all (I'm Southern so that is why I talk with a southern DRAWL - well, that is for you to find out!) to think I am crazy with all my blogs about you but it is all done in sincerity in spreading the word. The positive word of your work. I cannot keep it a secret of how powerful and re-affirming your work is to the world. My bond to you is all through verse and melody. I am EXTREMELY grateful for the extension of your kindness towards me and know I will always continue to praise you and give you STRENGTH as long as I can come up for air (as Amel sings!).

Amel, Maxwell and Talaam Acey have been given praises in my group -'s positive flow. You have to be my friend on to get in! I am just ONE person who is an appreciator and fan of their gifts so I do my best! Remember it takes a team to spread a positive flow. Let's continue to be loving, kind and sincere to one another. And, if you are a meanie then I will continue to pray for you.

Also check out their profiles and journals (scroll across the top and you will see a tab for journals and click that. All the journals written by 2Serenity is me.) :

Amel Larrieux


Taalam Acey

Amel Larrieux Update

Amel is going to be in JAPAN JAPAN JAPAN! Check her myspace page for the dates: To all my Japanese friends and everyone who has not explored Amel please please do yourself a favor and go to, and BUY all her CDs now.

REMEMBER IT IS ABOUT THE ART/MUSIC! There is a spiritual connection there for me. And, you need to read up on what I have been trying to express: Please check out this book - This is Your Brain on Music: The Science of a Human Obsession by Daniel J. Levitin.

I am obsessed with art for it continues to feed me. I am high off of music and life. What more may I ask for? For God to continue to guide and bless me. If you have not listened to Joel Osteen's recent sermon please listen to Sermon #381 - We Can Pray Bold Prayers through iTunes or go to

If you listen to it then you will understand where I stand in my faith. I pray bold prayers which are sincere. I do not ask for much but for people to be respectful of one another, a roof over my head and food to keep me alive until he calls me home. I honestly am that simple but I know some people are not.

Everyday, every hour and every minute I thank God for my blessings. You never know how long you will be on this Earth, and I thank God for giving me the opportunity to be alive for 34 years.

Amel Larrieux

Lovely Standards

Taalam Acey


I Like The Sunrise

Nina Simone

Joel Osteen


  • soprano9065

    AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! I'm so happy for you!!!! That is INCREDIBLE!!! You are so lucky :) Just goes to show--yet again--what an incredible person Amel is and how dedicated she is to her fans! I am honored to call myself one of them :) I don't know if this is too personal, but what did she write to you? If you want to keep it to yourself, I totally understand. Ahhh this is so awesome...first Maxwell and now Amel, both in the same week!!! You deserve it :) (((2Serenity)))

    Abr 2 2008, 0h38
  • 2Serenity

    You checked your inbox, soprano?! He he;) Amel is dedicated to her fans! I knew that from jump and without a hesitation. I just hope other people continue to discover, love and embrace her. I had no idea of the impact my little words had on others for some of my friends have bought her albums and are zany like me when we hear AMEL!

    Abr 2 2008, 3h59
  • JazzyRandy

    Amel is a great artist. She can write me ANYTIME! Congrats on the convo with her!

    Abr 3 2008, 11h09
  • 2Serenity

    @jazzyrandy - are you on or as one of Amel's friends. Send her a comment! She does read them. I hope she don't hate me for always BLASTING her good graces all over the web but she deserves it. She actually reads over in her fan forum a lot - So, if you have a chance join and say HI!! I think you may like the forum. I recruited some of the people in the forum to come here to to be part of her group.

    Abr 3 2008, 14h11
  • TheJanStan

    Duke Ellington actually wrote "I Like The Sunrise". Nina - as well as Amel - covered his song.

    Set 30 2008, 5h47
  • 2Serenity

    @thejanstan - wow, thank you for the correction and the lesson! [[thejanstan]]

    Set 30 2008, 11h34
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