Jerome Lee - Mixtape


Out 25 2007, 0h45

You know I have to have the funk in my playlist in some way or another.

Jerome Lee is a veteran bass player who has had the pleasure of playing with veteran musicians and artists such as Oscar winning music and producer Niki Buzz and early rock and soul pioneer Curtis Knight.

Enjoy this mixtape that Mr. Lee has provided for
his fan base and those interested in hearing some
FUNKY bass:

Jerome Lee

Curtis Knight


  • jamstarr

    I'm definitely a fan of funky bass fa'sho! The mixtape is really cool. Great funky treat. I his style. Funky organic soul. Thanks for the link & some new funk for my brain. U know I'm always in need of a fix! lol -Rod

    Out 28 2007, 18h16
  • 2Serenity

    Boy..don't get me started here. U know we are hooked to the FUNK! =)

    Out 29 2007, 0h23
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