"countertrolling" D:


Fev 7 2009, 21h18

so i got this lousy warning (and an entry deleted) some few days back for subtly insinuating my vapid thoughts (in the guise of information dissemination) across this cesspit of a site. oh, the blatant hypocrisy. top 50 "memes" and groupwhored kindergarten essays about the latest pizza your dog consumed must be cutting-edge "reading material" on this site, right? so much for a little entertainment.

well, there's always the option of e-resurrection in case.

is doing it for the lulz, mayhap? delicious possibilities. but given the utterly serious nature of some idiocies they've been doing i doubt it. (that Immortal gif CAN BE TAKEN as an objective representation of the band; howthefuck did that become a case of "abuse" - it's only funny given proper context)

so here's the message for posterity and my halfassed reply. hope you learned a bit today, children. :D

Re: warning

On 3 Feb 2009, 20:54 LAST.HQ wrote:
we have been informed about your journal "RAPE RAPE RAPE RAPE RAPE RAPE RAPE RAPE RAPE RAPE (RAPE)", which you managed to ghost-link to tons of artists. We have removed this journal and ask you to not pull off stuff like that again or you will find this account banned.

and then i ask:

well what's the purpose of leaving bbcode "anomalies" untouched (for years!) like that? it's YOUR site, and it's YOUR responsibility not to have left "flaws" in your system, trivial (or widespread) as they may have been.

if you didn't want people to use it, you should've found ways to disable it.
if you didn't want more spam clogging your machines you should've disabled journal making, group making and even shoutboxes already.
barely anything qualifies as 'legitimate content' around those communications media anyway. prove me wrong.

'twas worth a try anyway. good day. >:3

PS ghostlink? fuck you.

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PPS wow that was hard; finding something to write about again. in a few days once more, perhaps, once i've sorted some stuff off the internets. and if the linkwhoring doesn't remind you of the tons of other worthless "journals" here on, well, ignorance is bliss.


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