• Download Festival 2009

    Jun 15 2009, 17h23

    Fri 12 Jun – Download Festival 2009

    My first ever festival, something that i have waited a long time for. Firstly big thanks to everyone there who made it so enjoyable, had such a fantastic time. So, who did i see and how good were they too me? I have rated bands on how much i enjoyed them:

    Hollywood Undead - Insane Clown Posse are so much better, they performed quite well but the crowd wasn't really feeling it. Sorry Tim! - 4/10

    The Blackout - When i first saw them walk on i thought oh dear god. Vocals weren't fantastic bbut i suprisingly liked them. Good songs, bit of a suprise might give them a listen from now on - 5/10

    Staind - Got nearish the front, had a brief mosh. Very good quality performance, crowd were loving it, and apart from not playing my favourite song they were very good - 8/10

    Billy Talent - With only a few songs i actually knew it was an average set for me to watch. Fallen leaves though was a highlight, but that was about it - 6/10

    Killswitch Engage - Really liked their song choices, played supremely well, and to finish on Holy Diver was a nice touch - 7/10

    Limp Bizkit - Amazing. Pretty much played Chocolate Starfish all the way through. Wes looked awesome, Fred was on form with the crowd, the whole crowd was loving it, and singing every word of every song was sad yes, but awesome. Easily one of the top performances for me of Download - 10/10

    Korn - More old stuff was a complaint i heard alot, but when they opened with Right Now i was very happy. If they had headlined it would have been better with a longer set, but no complaints, especially for Pink Floyd at the end - 8/10

    Devildriver - Saw quite alot, they had a good performance but it was overshadowed by me missing the huge pits which looked incredible from where i was standing - 6/10

    Hatebreed - I saw 2 songs before i popped over too the second stage, 2 good songs but i felt it jst didn't sound right too me - 6/10

    Fightstar - When they first came out i wasn't a huge fan, but i have got into them, ad their live performance was very good, especially for such an early slot on the second stage - 8/10

    Static-X - Listened to them mainly as we ate some food, but they were on form it was obvious. Too much bass on the drums were the only bad part but from what i heard and saw briefly it was a good performance - 6/10

    Dragonforce - After seeing them before i was excited, got close again and they started with one of my favourite songs Valley of the Damned. But from there it went slightly downhill, their new tracks are nowhere ear the standard of Sonic Firestorm, and while some of guitar riffs were impressive i found them quite tedious unfortunately - 5/10

    Pendulum - Lets start off with the bad bit, the frontman. Awful, awful, awful, get rid of him please! However the music was impressive and the fact that you can see the music as well as just hearing it was very good - 7/10

    Marily Manson - This is so hard to rate. He was obviously not well, and he played alot of songs i didn't really know. However, it was deffinately a show and a half, and when he got it right he really got it right. Once in a lifetime oppurtunity really - 7/10

    Slipknot - As i only properly saw about half of it i didn't get to fully enjoy it. But getting up close and personal for some of it, and moshing around etc was such great fun. They put on a fantastic show, and its amazing to see them headlinning Download - 9/10

    Journey - Such a great singalong, great fun and a great show. Think i will be finding more Journey to listen to! - 7/10

    Dream Theater - Woah! Third time seeing them, and as always they didn't disapoint at all! Although they only played 5 songs, including a new one that i hadn't heard before, they were as brilliant as ever, such incredible musicians and performers. Got so close too the front and had great fun! Should have had a longer slot! - 10/10

    ZZ Top - Didn't know all the songs, but the last 6 were more like it for me. They played well all the way through and deserved such a long set. Got the crowd dancing, great fun - 8/10

    Papa Roach - Am such a huge fan of their first two albums, especially Infest. But they after their opening song Between Angels and Insects it went downhill fast. A poor performance, and too many songs that are new and quite frankly awful. So disapointed i walked away from them early - 3/10

    At the end i was shattered, aching and dehydrated, but it was well worth it, saw some fantastic bands and some brilliant performances. I will be going again!
  • 100,000

    Mai 29 2008, 23h36

    Finally got to that illusive 100,000! Haven't before noted down my milestones but heres my 100,000th track!:

    Porcupine Tree - My Ashes

    Luck decided it was that, give it a listen really great song. Next milestone i will be hoping for Spirit Carries On by Dream Theater, favourite song, give that a listen too if you haven't heard it before!

    *Iron Maiden 2nd July Soon!*

    My Ashes
    Act II: Scene Eight: The Spirit Carries On
  • Linkin Park [Live - O2 Arena, London] [28th January]

    Jan 29 2008, 14h34

    Mon 28 Jan – Linkin Park, Biffy Clyro

    Probably the most hyped band on planet. An audience so diverse it was crazy, metalheads behind me, footballers wives in front, most diverse crowd i have ever been in. But after tonight anyone there knows its not just hype.

    We got there just as Biffy Clyro began their set. I really enjoyed their latest album, but their set was slightly disapointing for me. Apart from 2-3 really well performed songs the rest seemed muddled, and the crowd really wern't being warmed up at all, rather going to get a beer before Linkin Park came on. A great band, but without the crowd behind them Biffy Clyro seemed like they were just passing time, waiting for Linkin Park to push them off the stage.

    Without Julien-K supporting it was only one support band, slightly disapointing, but the worst thing was to come. Biffy Clyro went off, what followed was at least a good 45 minutes wait as everyone waited for thje stage to be rebuilt for Linkin Park to come out. Yes eventually when the curtain fell it looked amazing, but with no warnings on how long it would be everyone just waited, and waited, only having some god awful music to keep them amused.

    Eventually the real show began. Nice intro, curtain fell, and they churned out What I've Done perfectly, a really great opening song. The vocals from Chester were intense, and the audio was spot on, making sure all vocals were clear and could easily be heard over the rest of the band. Faint, Crawling, and a few songs from Minutes to Midnight soon followed, even a comical version of Rhianna's 'Umbrella' from Mike on the keyboards.

    The show was lively, the crowd, as always at Linkin Park gigs, were intense, and of course as a huge Linkin Park fan it was great knowing every beat and word of every song, really good fun. After an hour of some amazing tracks, including an amazing rendition of Bleed It Out (Complete with Chester running into the crowd) the main set came to an end. Cue another wait. Eventually Mike and Chester came out. I was of course hoping for Pushing Me Away on keyboards.... Instead we got My December with just the two of them, simply brilliant. Best was still to come. Cue keyboard intro into Breaking The Habit, with the full band coming in halfway through and clips of the video behind them. An excellent and emotional rendition of a very rarely played live song, amazing (Yes amazing is over-used in this review).

    Again cue a long, long, long wait, too long in fact. Half the standing crowd begin to walk out, and then eventually the band comes back, providing two of their heaviest songs too finish, Place For My Head, and then One Step Closer. Intense and incredible, made me wish i had been fortunate enough to get standing tickets, but how can you be jealous when you are stood with you best friend jumping around in standing seats with your other friends looking on, you can't.

    Deffinately the best setlist i have ever seen it, obviously standing so near the front seeing one of Nightwish's last live concerts is pretty hard to beat, and watching Dream Theater being masters is also pretty tough, but i think the sheer fact i was singing for 2 hours, bouncing and jumping and loving every second means Linkin Park could have just gone straight to the top of my list. Can't wait to get my hands on the concerts live recording in a week or two now!!!

    Setlist (Thanks scott_viggars ;) )

    01. What I've Done
    02. Faint
    03. No More Sorrow
    04. Somewhere I Belong
    05. Lying From You
    06. From The Inside
    07. Points Of Authority
    08. Hands Held High
    09. Wake
    10. Given Up
    11. Valentine's Day
    12. Numb
    13. Just Like Heaven (The Cure Cover)
    14. Shadow Of The Day
    15. Crawling
    16. In The End
    17. Bleed It Out
    18. My December (Piano Version)
    19. Breaking The Habit (With Piano Solo etc)
    20. A Place For My Head
    21. One Step Closer
    (with a short cover of Umbrella by Rhianna haha)

    Biffy ClyroLinkin Park
  • Possible Linkin Park Setlist?? [For 28th Jan]

    Jan 11 2008, 15h48

    Well, seeing Linkin Park at the O2 Dome [London] on the 28th January, really can't wait. Saw this possible setlist, looks really good in my opinion. Will post up what they play in due course after the gig:


    No More Sorrow
    Lying From You
    Somewhere I Belong
    Given Up
    From The Inside
    Don't Stay
    Points of Authority
    Shadow of The day
    What I've Done
    Pushing Me Away [Piano]
    Hands Held High
    Breaking The Habit
    In The End
    One Step Closer


    The Little Things Give You Away
    Cure For The Itch
    Bleed It Out

    My favourites are all there, Pushing Me Away piano version will probably be my favourite, but Breaking The Habit, Cure For The Itch, One Step Closer.... all there of course :)

    Failed miserably to get the setlist, will post it up when i get the live recording of the show!!!
  • Breaking Benjamin - Phobia

    Set 2 2007, 13h23

    Found this album on an import site and thought hell why not. I had heard one of their songs before, it was quite good and am always open to new music so i got it. After listening to the album over and over i have made my decision on it.... Its Ok. Yes that dreaded word. Some of the songs are excellent, The Diary of Jane, Evil Angel & Dance With The Devil. However i think the album as a whole is somewhat repetitive, i mean yes its a great style of rock, but hearing the same kind of song for most of the album is a shame. Deffinately though Breaking Benjamin will be going well into my top 50 as i really love the style.

    = 8/10 =

  • Blog

    Ago 6 2007, 1h54

    Yay, i actually have a blog now for all who are interested. Now this is my first blog for well about 2 years??? Well, enjoy, should keep it up to date-ish

  • My Signature/Website Chart

    Jan 11 2007, 18h37


    Made it today, my first attempt, released 2 versions, first has a lame left line which i didnt know it had, second version is the finished version. Named Shinn1Song. If you would like to use it you are welcome :)
  • 6 New Albums

    Jan 11 2007, 14h57

    Well Christmas has been and gone. So i thought i would (late admitedly) post up the albums i got for Christmas and in sales etc afterwards:

    Chimaira - The Impossibility Of Reason

    Am still a huge chimaira fan so i bought the final album to complete my collection of their albums. Kind of disapointed with it though compared too others i have, just doesnt seem to have the same venom as them. Not a bad stand alone album though. 6/10

    Insane Clown Posse - The Amazing Jeckel Brothers

    Well after being sent a few songs by people i bought am album. Rap isnt really my thing but this rap/metal stuff cracks me up, just find it hilarious. However apart from being hilariously funny for me its also a good album even if a few of the songs arent my style. 6.5/10

    Opeth - Ghost Reveries

    Now we are talking. This is such a good album, its like Cradle of Filth and Dream Theater mixed together in some weird messed up way lol. Mix of violins, epic solos, crazy riffs and some grade A screamage make this one of my favourite albums. Its like mixing two of your favourite things together and making it better, for instance mixing beer and cookies... 9/10

    Mastodon - Blood Mountain

    Another metal album that will live long in the meories of true metal fans. Its albums like this and Opeth that define a decade of Metal, totally awesome riffs and not your usual 'normal' metal, more a crazy kind of metal genre. Also a big hit with me is the uniqueness of each song, its not a album of the same song over and over of which people like Dragonforce can be accussed, each song is unique in itself. 9.5/10

    Every Time I Die - Gutter Phenomenon

    Hadn't listen to much to them before i bought the album, had only heard 'kill the music' and 'the new black' from guitar hero, but the rest of the album is a solid attempt. However its not an album i can listen oto all the time, its more listen to the best few songs and then listen too the rest as background music to doing something else. 7/10

    Mudvayne - Lost & Found

    Have listened to this album alot, deffiately like any other Mudvayne song i have heard but a good solid album. Would have liked maybe a bit experimental in it but if its your first Mudvayne album its very good. Deffinately another good solid metal album from them. 8/10

    ChimairaOpethInsane Clown PosseMudvayneMastodonEvery Time I DieDream TheaterDragonForceCradle of Filth
  • 5 Of My Latest Albums

    Out 24 2006, 5h49

    Ok so i have made a few more purchases too the growing cd collection (now stands at 135 i think). So heres the titles i have bought over past week:

    My Chemical Romance - The Black Parade

    Well i bought it. Admittedly my music taste has shifted more towards heavier musi, but MCR still have a place in my music collection. If you expected anything like previous albums you'de be disapointed. In other words its different, querky and unique. Maybe not as many upbeat riffs on this one which i miss, but a sound like nobody else. 7.5/10

    Trivium - The Crusade

    Again another album that sounds nothing like the album before it. If you love Ascendancy for its great riffs and guitar solos then you may be disapointed. More complex riffs and mixed vocals dont always work, apart from Becoming The Dragon which i love. Ascendancy was something you could sit and listen too, this is something you do something else and listen too, just lacking attitude and most of the songs (apart from the tacky named The Anthem) dont stand out. Lovely sound though, a more complex offering. 7/10

    Atreyu - Suicide Notes and Butterfly Kisses

    Anyone who knows me knows i have three fave bands, Muse, Dream Theater and Atreyu. This isnt their most recent album, but it has all the hallmarks of a great Atreyu album. A Song For Optimists enters and is awesome, just the album with that one song would be great. The whole album is similar too what they have been doing up till now, good quality music imo. Deffinately an album i can sit and listen too. 8/10

    Lamb Of God - Sacrament

    What too say about this album. Lets start friom the beggining. Went too the shops, had heard reviews it was god so bought it. LOB hadnt been on my most played list, fave song was Omerta. Put this in pc and played it. All i can say is its comparable too In Flames - Come Clarity which was brilliant. Sacrament is better. Its even nearly as great as Children of Bodom its that good. If you ever want a good quality over all metal album get this one. Requiem and Walk With Me In Hell are what metal is all about. Deep ripping bass lines just make this soooo good.This album has deffinately got me more into LOB. 9/10

    Evanescence - The Open Door

    Well i loved Fallen by Evanescence, catchy, melodic tunes. Then i saw new album by them and i was intrigued. I expected the same kinda thing, but i was wrong - horribly brilliantly fantastically wrong. This album is more comparable too early Nightwish more than Fallen. Totally awesome. A blend of orchestras and guitars again works just like it did for Nightwish. Lacrymosa is simply amazing, beautiful and ground thumping at the same time. Call Me When You're Sober is the catchy tune everyone was looking for and the video is pretty good as well ;P. Amy Lee and co have come up with a masterpiece, simply a higher standard of song writing and musical ability. Unfortunately needs too be a bit heavier for my taste, but then they would be Nightwish exactly so that wouldnt do lol. 9/10

    EvanescenceLamb of GodMy Chemical RomanceTriviumAtreyu
  • The Departed

    Out 20 2006, 1h10

    Saw this movie today (well yesterday now) with katy today w00t! Anywho i kinda convinced her that it would be a good film too go watch. First thing too say is its got some well known actors in it, Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon and Jack Nicholson too name but a few.

    Its another cop film you may think but you're wrong. A twisted plotline means that DiCaprio works undercover in a criminal gang for the police, while Damon works undercover in the police for Nicholsons gang. The story progresses with some great gang action scenes, blood and plenty of it etc.

    Along with the great plotline and actors cast in the film this film has fantastic action scenes. These scenes arent always that long but they are superbly done.

    Ending is superb as well, great too see some well known actors die onscreen, especially some 'eye candy' for the ladies eventually biting the bullet. Oh and the ending is a suprise its not as obvious as it seems, with a great morale too the story in my opinion.

    Easily one of the best films of the year if not a bit lengthy at 2 and a half hours.

    Rating: 9/10 <--- A must too go and see.