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  • Napalmer

    Tectum - / band from Ukraine. New album Path to Eternity is out now. Listen, scrobble;) some preview: Scorn, Greed, Damn A liar among us A poem about lost past Splitted Soul Autumn My Path to Eternity Outro download mp3 192k: order CD: Endless Winter

    outubro 2013
  • Aserikoth

    no they don't

    abril 2012
  • Anna-wa

    People like to whine a lot on this site.[2]

    dezembro 2011
  • Norwegian_Soul

    WHAT A STUPID TAG!!! [2]

    outubro 2011
  • Leekimhoung

    only Kamelot!

    julho 2011
  • Randwer

    Pollution tags like this should be banned. Well, even better would be, if the tagger could decide between public tags, for genre, mood, etc. and private tags.for stuff like this.

    abril 2011
  • thordurfrimann

    related tag: russian hip-hop xD

    março 2011
  • perditioncity

    Just because you don't 'help other users' with it, doesn't mean you can't tag things. This tag is clearly meant for personal use, to help yourself keep track of bands you still want to see. I don't see any crime in that! No one pressures you into listening to this station, so get over it already.

    novembro 2010
  • dfkt

    This tag pollutes my tag cloud with its idiotic non-informative non-message. Instead of spamming with that shit, one could, for instance, write down on a piece of paper which artist one wants to see live - instead of yelling it out in that obnoxious way.

    novembro 2010
  • kuchitsu

    where is Beethoven?

    setembro 2010
  • Karnen

    Some trailer music band.

    maio 2010
  • kill_themusak

    Wingnut Dishwashers Union!

    março 2010
  • hsieno

    Sigur Ros mang

    março 2010
  • Tzimoun

    Justice o/ a 'must' experience for me..

    dezembro 2009
  • Toop6

    This tag is pointless. How does this help anyone find similar music?

    agosto 2009
  • Cavalorn


    julho 2009
  • OgirYensa


    julho 2009
  • PaulThume

    McFly live? I'd rather jump of a bridge. [2]

    julho 2009
  • yeah_john

    ólafur arnalds!

    julho 2009
  • silverbluee


    junho 2009
  • Arctic_Art

    McFly live? I'd rather jump of a bridge.

    março 2009
  • 5ad1e

    I agree with Triple_T. This tag is for personal use. True, it doesn't say anything about the music, but that only means you won't listen to the tag radio. And you wouldn't be listening to the tag radio if the tag never existed. So what's the difference huh?

    novembro 2008
  • Triple_T

    I, on the other hand, think that this is an elegant way of keeping a list of interesting artists I haven't seen live yet. There's nothing bad about helping one's memory this way, in my opinion.

    outubro 2008
  • Un_Nir

    I agree

    outubro 2008
  • Triames

    This is the DUMBEST tag EVER. Nobody gives a fuck about which bands you want to see. Really. We-don't-know-you. It-doesn't-say-anything-about-the-music. It's-so-retarded.

    agosto 2008