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  • geekasylum

    I agree with Agravenlife, and I have some basis to comment here - I have Japanese family and have spent a lot of time in Japan. The Japanese themselves call this music j-pop, j-punk, j-rock etc, so if its a stereotype its of their own making? Why? Because Asia is densely populated. Its their way of distinguishing Japanese music from K-pop, K-Rock, etc and western pop/rock as well, so stop hating, and simply enjoy the awesome music!

    julho 2013
  • kacper92

    Wrong! The whole reason why this "j-whatever" bullshit exist is to create stereotypes and harm Japanese music reputation. And it's 100% weeaboo-originated term. Besides most of it here is actually pop-punk, so what do you mean that it sounds more "Japanese"? Makes no sense at all ;P V V

    abril 2012
  • Agravenlife

    The reason j-whatever exists in the first place is because the Japanese do every style of music in a distinctly Japanese way (, , , etc) whereas Swedish punk bands (excluding the local subgenre) sound for the most part exactly like any other western punk band ever. So there you go.

    dezembro 2011
  • hysteriaman

    Тут правда все такие няшки?

    junho 2011
  • Hour_of_Chaos

    @ Thedra Its just a shortform for japanese Punk... calm down^^

    outubro 2010
  • Flo_0d


    outubro 2010
  • sean-burns

    че? ну ка по-русски пожалуста

    julho 2010
  • Mastamaxx

    the thing is that any self respecting punk or hardcore fan would just call the japanese hardcore greats under their normal tags and not j-punk. j-____ is a genre label reserved for neck beard weeaboos.

    março 2010
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