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  • headey

    "...The compositional material is not restricted to the inclusion of sonorities derived from musical instruments or voices, " ~~~ And there I was thinking it got its name because the guy who made the first concert poster was dyslexic.

    março 2012
  • Quendus

    Why don't you just do it yourself?

    abril 2009
  • Expatasapien

    It upsets me that no one mixes the insightful and honest lyrics of Postminimalist music (these are the lyrics of NOW) with the the sound of Musique Concrete (which is the sound of NOW). Lyrically Concrete lives in the past and is out of touch completely, but Postminimalism is every bit as unfortunately nostalgic in it's sound. Why can no one resolve this problem? Why can no one combine the sound of now with the lyrics of now for music which I can listen to in the present without feeling as if I have my head against a gramophone in some way?

    agosto 2008