Música clássica ou música erudita (do latim, eruditus, “educado” ou “instruído”) é um termo amplo utilizado costumeiramente para se referir à música academicamente estudada, em sua forma, estilo e analisada dentro das tradições, seguindo cânones preestabelecidos no decorrer da história da música; produzida (ou baseada) nas tradições da música secular e litúrgica ocidental, englobando um período amplo que vai, aproximadamente, do século IX até a atualidade. Ler mais…|Editar Foto do artista: John Williams

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Edgar MeyerConcert Page Theatre - Saint Mary's University
Winona, Estados Unidos

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Quinta 17 de julho de 2014
MariselaConcert House of Blues
Anaheim, Los Angeles CA, Estados Unidos
33.809869 -117.923963
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Sexta 18 de julho de 2014
MariselaConcert House of Blues
San Diego CA, Estados Unidos
32.716489 -117.159995
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Minnesota Orchestra, Michael McHaleConcert
Orchestra Hall
Minneapolis, Estados Unidos
44.969822 -93.277792

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Classic FM: Radio Hits of the Decades with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra
Indianapolis Symphony OrchestraConcert
Conner Prairie
Fishers, IN, Indianápolis, Estados Unidos
39.97957 -86.029877
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The Philadelphia OrchestraConcert The Mann Center for the Performing Arts
Philadelphia, Filadélfia PA, Estados Unidos
39.981529 -75.224049
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  • musicmusette

    I love this album.

    Mês passado
  • mytimeandspace

    iynxzero is just right, yep

    fevereiro 2014
  • jynxzero

    Totally with WasNotWhyNot - there is a difference between "classical music" and "the classical period". Bach is the first, but not the second. People get rediculously uptight about terminology on, forgetting that the meaning of words comes from what people THINK they mean. If you find yourself significantly in the minority about what a word means, you are probably wrong. The definition you have may have come first, but it everyone else now uses the term in a different way, the meaning of the word has changed.

    janeiro 2014
  • WasNotWhyNot

    I scrolled down and saw that I made a post like that last year. god I'm the autist

    janeiro 2014
  • WasNotWhyNot

    okay I'm just going to get this fucking out of here. anyone who bitches about the classical tag, saying piecemeal stuff they learned in music history 101 or off of wikipedia, think about what you're actually accomplishing. yes bach's music is not part of the classical PERIOD but classical no longer refers to the classical period. classical is the umbrella for orchestral music and it's commonly understood and accepted. would you call bach baroque first? absolutely, just as morton feldman would be noted to be contemporary. but they're both classical, just like the kinks and my bloody valentine both play rock music.

    janeiro 2014
  • Aserikoth

    hi friends

    dezembro 2013
  • Abrams1315

    For those who know the meaning of 4:20, here is a Xmas ditty that will make them smile. Also, hear it ("Santa' s Super Sleigh Ride" by o-HI-oDan - the pseudonym for this highly acclaimed classical musician) on It was written for a good cause -- "Santa's CUASE" (the legalization of medical marijuana) -- by Daniel Abrams, a highly acclaimed 80 year old concert pianist & composer. And listen to his "Musical Portraits from Wagner's RING" (from his "Opera For Piano" series) from his recent CD, "A Wagner Celebration", on and discover more about him at Please spread the word -- and the music. And please be in touch. Thanks and Happy holiday listening!! Sonia Sudak .

    dezembro 2013
  • DJthe2ndFM

    Bach isnt classical he's baroque....

    novembro 2013
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