mihimaru GT is a best-selling Japanese duet made up of composer, lyricist and vocalist, Miyake as well as vocalist and lyricist Hiroko. The group was formed due to the joint management of the two members during their solo careers. Before forming mihimaru GT, each member had a relatively quiet career, with little to no major hits. To remind each other that the success of the group comes from the hard work and contributions of both members, the name mihimaru GT was created for the band, taking the first two letters in each members’ first name and adding “maru”, or “perfection”, to the end of it, as well as the initials for Miyake’s favorite video game—Gran Turismo.

Unlike many other groups, mihimaru GT will often record songs featuring only one of their members, though because of each members’ background, they are both involved with every song in some way. Hiroko is usually responsible for the main melody of the song, whereas Miyake is featured in the rap that may appear in a song. The band is known for its urban and pop-oriented songs, as well as slow ballad oriented songs. They are currently signed to one of the largest independent music labels in the world.

Prior to 2006, they have had an average career, with their singles ranking no higher than #16 on the Oricon charts. In 2006, however, their single, “Kibun Jojo” became the commercial song for Dariya’s “Palty” and’s commercial theme, as well as the ending theme for the variety program “Sukibara”. The triple tie-up gave them considerable media exposure, and more people began to take notice of them. On May 5, 2006, they performed on the popular music show Music Station and was featured on the “Young Guns” corner. The appearance on the show boosted their popularity and made “Kibun Jojo” onto the #7 spot on the Oricon charts.

From then on, their career has been doing well and popularity rising steadily, with “Itsumademo Hibiku Kono Melody/Magical Speaker” reaching as high as #3 on the Oricon charts.

The song “H.P.S.J.” was featured as the third ending song for the anime Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo; “Kibun Jojo” itself has been covered in rhythm action games such as Taiko: Drum Master and Moero! Nekketsu Rhythm Damashii Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan 2.

On November 7th, mihimaru GT released a hip-hop re-arrangement/cover of Kylie Minogue’s “I Should Be So Lucky” as a double A-side single (the other A-side being Ai Kotoba.) Since Oct 16, “I Should Be So Lucky” became the ending theme for the Japanese drama “Abarenbou Mama” (Wild Mama) which stars Aya Ueto.

In 2009, their smash hit Kibun Jojo was covered by English artist Bentley Jones and featured on his cover album TRANS//LATION.

ギリギリHero is featured in the movie Shaoulin Shojou.

Switch was used for the 2009 World Table Tennis Championship in Japan.

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