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  • noisybishop

    Review of Matt Bauer's fantastic contribution to the Jason Molina tribute, Farewell Transmission.

    junho 2014
  • manos87

    incredibly underrated artist. listening to his songs for the first time is quite a shock.

    dezembro 2013
  • mozie_mayer

    @GeorgesDanton: so is Jim James [big riff]

    outubro 2012
  • GeorgesDanton

    i'm amazed

    março 2012
  • 0hDeer

    how is this not bigger than any popular singer-songwriter???

    novembro 2011
  • formlessness

    Ha, he stayed at my house with like, 16 other musicians. So awesome. If anyone is into bootleg audio, contact me and I'll get you the audio. Great quality

    julho 2011
  • damnruckus

    This guy deserves more attention :<

    junho 2011
  • fluxsfestival

    Hello Matt, Hope all is well for you! Saw you play at the Naked Song festival in Eindhoven in May 2009 and we're excited that you're coming back to Eindhoven! Looking forward to see your show with Dana Falconberry & The Matangi Quartet. All the best & see you soon!

    agosto 2010
  • ohswanohsparrow

    his next album is going to be... like, i don't even. "the motherfucking shit" is not nearly enough to classify "the jessamine county book of the living" 's premise. mariee sioux is there and all. it's going to be ridiculous. all this in a positively enthusiastic flattering way.

    junho 2010
  • shelteringdark

    new recordings and preview of his new record here:

    janeiro 2010
  • postdawn

    "heartfelt sage-like voice"....:-D. Dig it!

    agosto 2009
  • logaze

    beautiful songs merci

    julho 2009
  • RevRangwar

    Fresh and Amazing.

    março 2009
  • tokyomoon

    Why isn't he famous?

    março 2009
  • jhorsten

    Fantastic voice, it creeps inside of you, incl the second voice !

    fevereiro 2009
  • indiescutable

    this should be... well... higher? then again, get a fashionable trend and stick to it

    janeiro 2009
  • ulmedas

    Also, a fantastic banjo teacher. I am glad he is back in New York.

    maio 2008
  • mboles

    agreed....very underrated

    março 2008
  • Bayou16


    abril 2007