iiO (pronounced “eye-oh”) is a New York City based house music act composed solely of producer and songwriter Markus Moser, and former members include vocalist and songwriter Nadia Ali, who left in 2005 to pursue a solo career.

iiO are best known for their 2001 hit “Rapture”, the lyrics to which were allegedly inspired by a meeting that occurred between Nadia Ali and an unidentified nightclub patron. Originally named Vaiio, a derivation of the Sony VAIO laptop on which the duo was creating much of their early work, the “Va” was dropped to prevent potential legal problems with Sony.

iiO followed up “Rapture” with several successful remixes of the track by producers John Creamer & Stephane K, Armin Van Buuren and Deep Dish. A large number of bootleg and white label remixes ensued, including a highly-sought Paul Van Dyk remix. After “Rapture” was released, the duo followed suit with “At the End” in 2003. The release featured remixes by The Scumfrog and Saeed & Palash.

iiO’s first album, Poetica, had been delayed several times and was finally released independently in March 2005 on Made Records, and worldwide in June 2006. “Smooth” was the first single released to promote the album, followed by “Runaway”, “Kiss You”, “Is It Love?”.

In 2007, iiO released Reconstruction Time: The Best Of iiO Remixed, a remix album which contains the single “Rapture 2007”.

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