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I've been workin' been workin' been workin ' been workin' been workin' my whole life long, that's why i'm ready to sing it, and sang it, im doin , im doin it in these songs, I'm workin
Listen, now can you picture a boy with dreams bigger? Seen it made it from wishin' I came fromm section 8 livin they livings. Cooking dope up in kitchens, always I had a mission the kids in this music business, listen this how I did this lets get it, They don't know what I'm doin I get it I'm movin been workin' my whole life long (I'm workin). And when I get it , I'm goin, I keep It , I move it, I write it in all these songs, (I'm just workin). I'm gon be remembered why,(why) cause hustle mode is my life. Haters can't stop my shine , I was destined to write these lines (yea). From crimes to spittin' rhymes, neva a 9 to 5. I'm a dreamer with so much drive, to chances I could've died.
(Together): And the truth is, I've been struggling my whole life. Do you wanna know the truth is? I've been hustling over time. Will they ever know the truth is? See I told you this is my time! They don't wanna know the truth is,( Yung- Drizzle) the truth is, I'm workin.
I've been workin, been workin, been workin, been workin, been workin my whole life long tthat's why I'm ready to sing it, and sang it, I'm doin, I'm doin it in these songs. ( I'm workin). See this is my only mission, so now when they ever mention, they braggin' tell'em I did it ( The Truth) came from nothing my spirit, struggled to make a living, troubled my heart is fearless in my term of endearment its fearless right when you hear it.

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